fredag den 10. juli 2009

Sugar Baby Love

Sugar baby love
Sugar baby love
I didn't mean to make you blue
Sugar baby love
Sugar baby love
I didn't mean to hurt you The Rubettes
At Copenhagen Airport my second piece of luggage never showed up, so I had to wait about 200 years to fill out papers and talk about all the stuff I couldn't remember in my suitcase. When I came out my aunt and BFF Malene was there, with flags and a high level of excitement. It was pretty stella. My aunt said byebye, and then Malene and I went to the main train station, where we were met by my Peter and my sister! She drove us home to the Bronx. At home I was met by my dad, sister, Irish grandfather Ted, his wife Ruth, and my mother (the green woman doing a I'm-Actually-Really-Strong pose on the wooden recliner). Then, from behind a wall, a bunch of girls jumped out and yelled SURPRISE!

Lovely girls drinking a little cider and beer in my backyard, sweet backyard.

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