onsdag den 3. juni 2009


bring sally up
and bring sally down
lift and squat
gotta tear the ground
old miss lucy's dead and gone
left me here to weep and moan
if you hate it fold your arms
if you love it clap your hands Moby

a spring walk in the park

Last night I went on the swings with Sherry and talked about life. It's a pretty big thing, life. Really, I'm for cereal, fo sho - there are so many things out there. Sometimes I just want to be little again, back when all I cared about was colouring and drawing and creating art. Once, I ran out of red marker and stuffed my fat little-Annie finger into a pencil sharpener, and scribbled blood all over the cream-coloured walls. I wish I was good at drawing and playing the guitar and singing like Regina Spektor and Annika Aakjaer.
We watched the sun go down from the hood of the cobbertoned Chevvy and found a dead raccoon. I guess it was just one of those nights. This morning I walked to school and picked a bouquet of marigolds for Emily.


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Stine sagde ...

Uh hvor ser du fin ud <3

Anonym sagde ...

undskyld Anne, men du har lagt et billede op af dine bryster :P er du meget glad for dem?
-søde billeder! elsker jakken, glæder mig helt vildt til du kommer hjem :D