tirsdag den 2. juni 2009

Field of Marigolds

Whether the weather was hot or cold
She laid herself by the marigolds
Waiting for nature to take its turn
For the sun to enlighten a mighty fern

She wondered about the air so clear
The air in her wondrous atmosphere
Waiting for nature to change her tone
The sun was enough to breathe alone from a poem by Anne Rold

Things on this busy mind of mine

Summer, summer, come oooon.
Yesterday a guy I know from school got hit in the
face during a fight with this other idiot. The guy
who was hit smashed his head on the pavement
and broke his jaw. Olivia and I checked his breathing,
made sure someone had called an ambulance,
and walked to the track field. It was still raining as
the three policecars pulled in and dragged witnesses
away. A mother arrived. It was pretty exciting business,
and the whole smoke pit society was first cheering,
then in panic, then running as far away as possible.

To be or not to be a vegetarian? This could become my summer '09 thing.

"The Elephant in the Room"
Drew and I do nothing in Creative Writing. It's now official.
But today he showed me this guy, Banksy, who does AMAZING
art stuff! www.banksy.co.uk.

Grad was last weekend! I don't know who these people are
but they sure look happy. Grad... then fourteen days of
school and a week of finals. Fun.

Fair's coming to Yorkton in July, yay!

Exams in a few weeks. So not ready! I'm taking math,
drama, and... english? maybe canadian history? It's
only about 150 years of facts, soo..

Exchange student reunion in Copenhagen at Marie Jo's
place in the fall. This is Copenhagen. This is where I'm moving

to in August!My cousin turned seventeen! Tillykke Martin! <3
My Nina and Malene's birthdays are coming up!

2 kommentarer:

lindy/ sagde ...

whether the weather is hot, whether the weather is cold. whether the weather whatever the weather, whether you like it or not

don't be vegetarian! or just eat scallops. i love scallops.

Mikaela sagde ...

do it! vegetarianism isn't hard. i can do it.
I eat fish though... i looove fish.

i liked this entry.
When i was in London i was very tempted to buy Banksy's work, but i didn't look hard enough for anything original.