torsdag den 14. maj 2009


And I-I,
I wanna fill your cup,
cup, cup, cup,
Fill it up,
fill it up to the
brim with love Devendra Banhart

An homage to snow;

dear snow,
you are my favourite white companion
you save me every time
today I was supposed to go running
and then you fell so fine
upon the Saskatchewan greens and fields
to no-one or nothing must you yield
instead you cover it all so nice
with you crystallized, powdery, beautiful ice.

As you might imagine, I was quite impressed with the weather today. Yesterday it was coming down as hard, hard rain (your breath smells like cardamom, and the words came just like a hard rain.. oh Shout Out Louds), yet today, after school (early dismissal! No bio! Whuppah!) it suddenly, sporadically, started snowing! I was meant to go to track at four (in half an hour) but on the announcements it said "unless it starts raining hard again, or unless it snows", so I guess I'm off the sweaty running hook for today. Hurray, hurray, silver lining!

Interesting things happening? Dillon won the elections and is the 2009/10 SRC President for Sacred. I heart elections! Fun speeches, free candy, random skits, nervous sweating, stuttering pleads, embarrasing desperation.. it's a ride. This week is spirit week and people have been dressing up with ugly tees, hockey jerseys (oh canada - we even had a special hockey analogy in one of the morning prayers, about how the ice is our future so lets get our skates on and go partake. Very original, I know), beach attire (yesterday - I salt-spritzed my hair), hardcore Sacred stuff (today) and tomorrow.. I think it is dress-up day like usual on fridays? I want to wear a top hat, but I don't own one. Oh, and I got my hair cut yesterday. It's shorter now, with weirdly long sidebangs. Need to trim them up a bit. Still quite pleased with the result, and not so grossed out by my disgusting split ends anymore, yay my hair.

Long weekend ahead of us! I have no idea what I'm doing. Rentals are out of town, and there are definately going to be some good parties in town, pit ones I've heard, so let's see if that's something to enjoy. Sherry went to Nova Scotia (or Vancouver?) to celebrate his sister's wedding, so I'm missing him already of course.

And 51 days to go. Scary! I had a convo about me going away today with Emily, and then this girl joined in;
Emily: just stay here, forever!
Girl: Anne, where are you from again?
Emily: You're kidding, right?
Girl: No seriously?
Me: You know where Yugoslavia is?
Girl: Hmm-hmm!
Me: Yeah, it's not a country anymore. I'm from Denmark.

Oh and Mom, please check your african email (:

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