onsdag den 20. maj 2009

Under The Sea

The seaweed is always greener
In somebody else's lake
You dream about going up there
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the world around you
Right here on the ocean floor
Such wonderful things surround you
What more is you lookin' for? from The Little Mermaid
Anne: Hello. This is Drew Loucks speaking. I am gay. As in very happy. Especially in the morning.
Drew: You're such a liar! I'm gonna sue you for plagiarism!
Anne: How do you spell that?

Drew: all you danish people are no talent ass clowns, signed canada
Anne: Uncalled for.
Drew: Anne is now a converted pastafarian. Nice leopard tights ;)
Anne: Catholicism is for baby midget losers. Pastafarianism is the flow.
Drew: You really just put all the worst pictures you could find of me up, didnt you?
Anne: Pretty much, yeah.
Drew: Tomorrow, put up nice pictures of me.
Anne: The ones of Drew with his hands down his pants?
Drew: Yeah. Just nice ones like that.

torsdag den 14. maj 2009


And I-I,
I wanna fill your cup,
cup, cup, cup,
Fill it up,
fill it up to the
brim with love Devendra Banhart

An homage to snow;

dear snow,
you are my favourite white companion
you save me every time
today I was supposed to go running
and then you fell so fine
upon the Saskatchewan greens and fields
to no-one or nothing must you yield
instead you cover it all so nice
with you crystallized, powdery, beautiful ice.

As you might imagine, I was quite impressed with the weather today. Yesterday it was coming down as hard, hard rain (your breath smells like cardamom, and the words came just like a hard rain.. oh Shout Out Louds), yet today, after school (early dismissal! No bio! Whuppah!) it suddenly, sporadically, started snowing! I was meant to go to track at four (in half an hour) but on the announcements it said "unless it starts raining hard again, or unless it snows", so I guess I'm off the sweaty running hook for today. Hurray, hurray, silver lining!

Interesting things happening? Dillon won the elections and is the 2009/10 SRC President for Sacred. I heart elections! Fun speeches, free candy, random skits, nervous sweating, stuttering pleads, embarrasing desperation.. it's a ride. This week is spirit week and people have been dressing up with ugly tees, hockey jerseys (oh canada - we even had a special hockey analogy in one of the morning prayers, about how the ice is our future so lets get our skates on and go partake. Very original, I know), beach attire (yesterday - I salt-spritzed my hair), hardcore Sacred stuff (today) and tomorrow.. I think it is dress-up day like usual on fridays? I want to wear a top hat, but I don't own one. Oh, and I got my hair cut yesterday. It's shorter now, with weirdly long sidebangs. Need to trim them up a bit. Still quite pleased with the result, and not so grossed out by my disgusting split ends anymore, yay my hair.

Long weekend ahead of us! I have no idea what I'm doing. Rentals are out of town, and there are definately going to be some good parties in town, pit ones I've heard, so let's see if that's something to enjoy. Sherry went to Nova Scotia (or Vancouver?) to celebrate his sister's wedding, so I'm missing him already of course.

And 51 days to go. Scary! I had a convo about me going away today with Emily, and then this girl joined in;
Emily: just stay here, forever!
Girl: Anne, where are you from again?
Emily: You're kidding, right?
Girl: No seriously?
Me: You know where Yugoslavia is?
Girl: Hmm-hmm!
Me: Yeah, it's not a country anymore. I'm from Denmark.

Oh and Mom, please check your african email (:

søndag den 10. maj 2009

Funny Like Strange

She found me sealed in this jar
preserving and fermenting
the demons that dwell in the bar
where I said you'd be mine
Now alcohol will sum up the time
of our life Volcanoless in Canada

Drama Provincials are over. We got back from Regina yesterday, slightly bitter, but not really that let down - it seemed the winners of several of the (very prestigous) awards had been given at random. We didn't win any overall performance awards, except for best stage crew, and then we won a bunch of teccies - runner-up to best stage manager for Grace, make-up certificate for Amanda (she did my Freud-face and -hair), lights certificate for Mitch... and three acting awards for Luc, Brandi and I. Hells yes! I was very excited about it. It was a really good play, a really fun time, but I'm kind of relieved it's all over now... No more psycologically, no more literally, only literature. Uh, and Grace totally hooked the hot British guy from Your Mother's Butt. Just sayin'...
There were some people there who really really deserved to win the big ones though - like the 12-year old lead in A Thousand Cranes and the twin brothers in Inside Al. They didn't get the recognition they deserved, we all kept ranting on about that on the bus.. "We'll talk about it on the bus!" hahaa drama humour.
Anyways, we had about an hour and a half to go shopping in Regina - we went to that mall thingy, not the big mall, but just a mall. And I ran into my exchange student friends Gabbi and Gary! So random! I saw Gary and I was all like.. He looks foreign. I recognize him. Hmmmm... It's GARY! And I walked straight up to him, stared at him akwardly, and then he suddenly yelled out: ANNE! and it was a beautiful moment. We had fifteen minutes to catch up, get a couple of asian pics taken, then I had to bolt for the bus. Story of my life.
When we got back, Rey, Grace and I went to the coffeehouse. We didnt have enough money to buy the albums (made me feel like an ass) but we paid for a ticket and got nice cycle and sports ltd stamps on our hands - classy. At home I unpacked my bags, ate greek salad, put on an Obama shirt, watched hockey and went to bed with Rey's chocolate and the chamber of secrets. Today I have coffee, a peanutbutter and banana sandwich, and possibly track practice at four on my mind. Oh and happy mother's day. Ireland celebrates this day on the fourth day of lent. Shake you up a little?
54 days.. fml

søndag den 3. maj 2009

Baby Can I Hold You

Forgive me
Is all that you can't say
Years gone by and still
Words don't come easily
Like forgive me forgive me
But you can say baby
Baby, can I hold you tonight
Maybe if I told you the right words
At the right time
You'd be mine Tracy Chapman

Tillykke Mor!
Du er den sejeste kvinde jeg kender, min stoerste aspiration og inspiration .
Jeg elsker dig. Tillykke med de 45!
Stort knus og kram paa din foedselsdag,
Din Annepande<3

Congratulations Mom!
You are the coolest person I know, my biggest aspiration and inspiration.
I love you. Congrats on turning 45!
Big X and Os on your birthday.
Your Anne.

Summer Sunshine

Just sweet beginnings and bitter endings
In coffee city, we borrowed heaven
Don't give it back, I've never felt so wanted
Are you taking me home? You tell me you have to go...
In the heat of summer sunshine
I miss you like nobody else
In the heat of summer sunshine
I kiss you, and nobody needs to know The Corrs

Today is hostmommy's birthday. Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. They are both turning 45. Isn't that kind of funny?

The weekend was going good, and then today happened. Friday was sweet, then yesterday I went to a big bonfire party, real Saskatchewan, way out of town. I've never met the guy who's place we were partying on, and I didn't get to meet him. None of us knew him, which is kind of funny and adds to the mystique. The fire was massive. At least sixty people showed up, which is impressive for Yorkton, and especially Willowbrook, which took everyone quite a few u-turns to locate accurately. It was a lot of fun though, a guy's pants caught fire and a girl peed on herself, oh and Rey accidentally pulled the hoodiestring out of Gage's sweatshirt, which is like the meanest thing you can possibly do to a person. Came home reeking of fire and spilt slurpees, but its nothing Y-town hasnt seen before. Today I woke up tired and restless. I coughed and sniffled. Then I watched Weeds and did my bio homework.

Carpel - A plants female reproductive organs consisting of the ovary, stigma and style.

Dad called, which was sweet, as always. My sister is apparently on her way to Japan now, surprise! She's in Australia at the moment, so a littel random, but cool for her. And she's decided not to go into medicin, but to go into civil engineering instead: Kudos. I'm totally going to be the uneducated failure of this family, I can sense it already.

The most up-lifting happening today: I had cold chinese food for breakfast, and probably will be eating maple cheesecake in about an hour.
The most depressing: only 61 days til departure