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We Will Vacation, You Can Be My Parasol

vacation says
vacation says
we have to be good to each other
we have to be so good to each other
we have to lend our support Be Your Own Pet

I am back, finally.
This has been a truly spectacular Easter break. In Canada, the break is the entire week, so my hostiemummy (Christine), my hostiesister Rey, and myself, decided to go to Edmonton, Alberta, for a little girls' trip. It was awsome, and the Foo Figthers know I don't use that word lightly.
It started an ended with the Coffeehouse.

I started off enjoying the weekend with a little partying thursday night, a little sleepover at our house later, followed by packing and then a trip to the coffeehouse saturday afternoon to see Welcome To Reykjavik at their album release of "For Sleeping Lovers and Those Who Wake Up Alone". Very cool. At 1.30 am, Saturday, we grabbed the Greyhound to Edmonton through Saskatoon and were betting to rest a little on it. Rey and Christime fell asleep instantly. I, on the other hand, had the creepiest old man sitting directly behind me on the bus. If anyone follows Sask news at all, you would know why I was totally and completely freaked out when this guy suddenly puts his hand RIGHT BESIDE MY CHEEK on my seat. If not, follow this link (its gross and gory and very sad, not for easily peeved souls like myself). Of course, he could've just been adjusting himself in his seat, but I flinced and sat very straight the next couple of hours, until we reached Saskatoon, where the creepy old guy got off. Actually, in the light of the bus depot he just looked like a tired old grandpa. Maybe I was a little paranoid there. The rest of the trip I listened to all my music on my shuffle and then listened to Mani Spinx and Welcome To Reykjavik over and over again.
Once in Edmonton we visited the family, had Easter dinner and all that jazz. On Easter morning we went to Anglican church and had a blast. Besides all the confusion on whether to stand or sit, and the really lond announcements on who's job it is to bring dip to the next social arrangements, it was really a lot of fun, and Rey and I sang all the songs in whatever alternative language was offered (usually French, sometimes tribe languages)

Of course we went to the West Ed Mall, which was just really, really big. I know thats the point of it being the biggest mall in North-America. Trust me, it was huge. The best was the skating rink where this little chinese boy did a million supercool tricks. We ate Yogen Fruz and admired the art.
And there was an indoor pirate ship. No biggie.

We ate a lot. Like every hour. One day we went to the Creperie and ate crepes for hours. It was sweet, but honestly, we all felt like throwing up after that. I was full until the next day. It was quite an experience.

We went to the Pincess theatre on Whyte and saw Adventureland. It was really cool. I can't believe that girl is in Twilight too, she is just incredibly talented and awsome. Go watch it. We also went to this improv show called Die-Nasty, its on every monday. It was so cool, honestly worth watching every single monday if you happened to live in the city.

We shopped a lot. I bought two escort dresses for the two grads in town this summer. One's black, one's white, I'm wearing the same accesorize on both because I'm just that cool (and just that cheap).
We went to Winners a lot a lot. Rey tried on many a dress while Christine searched every cook and nanny for a bedspread. I bought a pair of Adidas running shorts for half price.
Then we went to Saskatoon, and continued the search for a bedspred for Christine. It was kind of obsessive in the end. We went to the mall and to Digout family places, and to the movies to see Adventureland again (because its THAT good).

When we got back, I went for run in my new running shorts and fell in mud. Twice. We went to see Welcome To Reykjavik and these three other guys playing at the coffeehouse, Yorkton was their first tour ground, yay us! in the evening I wore my new H&M black pants and slided down a slide that was really, really wet while playing Grounders.

Tonight: rehearsals got cancelled, so tea and homework are still my date. Happy Easter.

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