torsdag den 30. april 2009


I was feeling sad
Can't help looking back
Highways flew by
Run, run, run away
No sense of time
Want you to stay
Want keep you inside
Run, run, run away
Lost, lost, lost my mind
Want you to stay
Want you to be my prize Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Me: Hey Renee!
Rey: Yup?
Me: You're a zero. What's your name? No-one's gonna ask you.
Rey: ....
Both laugh
Me: No really, you're a zero.

A couple of reviews for the school news paper

Bob Dylan; Together Through Life

“Lay Lady Lay” is one of my Top Ten favourite songs in the history of the world. Honestly, I’ve listened to that song maybe a trillion times, and I have heard every cover of it, from Neil Diamond to the Byrds, even the Cher version (but frankly that just made me want to punch a baby. I mean, come on - shiny wigs, rhinestones and an ex named Sonny doesn’t mean you can pull off everything). Bob Dylan writes songs like no other, generation-defining tunes that has managed to stay true to the people for more than five decades.

Although Bob Dylan is known for originally being the product of the musical era of the 1960s, which included the likes of The Doors, The Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin - basically every druggie band that’s been so successful musically, that they are still worthy of a lent ear almost fifty years later - he is still going on strong, with his newest album, Together Through Life, being released this Tuesday, the 28th of April. There is a lot of pressure on the quality of said album, especially after his last three albums (‘97’s Time out of Mind, 2001‘s “Love and Theft”, and 2006’s Modern Times) were mind-blowingly popular commercially, praised to the skies critically, and a general favour respectfully amongst Dylan’s artist peers. I did a little Internet no-no action to find tracks from this yet-to-be-released album and must say that I prefer the first two tracks, Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ and Life is Hard, above all the rest the album has to offer. If these are supposed to be sound bites accidentally-on-purpose leaked to the public to represent what the album will have to offer, they are very well chosen indeed. Take Dylan’s breathy, throaty folk voice, mixed with something that can only be described as 1950s-inspired acid jazz, and what you get is a compilation of surprisingly catchy tunes and romantically delicate lyrics that will hopefully keep you swaying for another decade or two.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs; It’s Blitz!

Karen O has proven herself worthy of the praise of the world once again, along with her two not-so-mellow fellows Chase and Zinner, who make up the band that’s been pumping us up on indie/alt/dance punk since 2000. I know I’m a terrible music harlot, especially in giving grand applause to albums that might not be in everybody’s taste, but the YYYs truly pulled off what should seem logically impossible - to make an album with enough variety to please every person with a preference for pleasurable tunes, without having to sell out for commercialization (thanks a lot, Killers) or stray from the reasons why we fell in love with them in the first place (in this case, the prominent guitar, heavy synth and distinctly high-pitched but mesmerizing vocals of Karen O). The album, which was released on April 6th, is composed of ten very pop-y indie-rock dance songs, each defined and independent, although every song also compliments the next in a way that makes it imaginable to play the entire album in one night alone, and still dance your tail off. The last song, Little Shadows, is an intensely pretty, peaceful, soothing song, with the ability to serve as a slow dance beat at clubs, or to lull you to sleep on a Tuesday night. As for the cover art: it represents very well what the album has in store - power, punk and protein. In case you’re still confused, it’s an egg. Being smashed. In Karen O’s hand. Let’s just agree right now, that if Soft Shock or Dull Life becomes the club beat of 2009, I called it.

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lindy/ sagde ...

i enjoy your writing :) and also the yeah yeah yeahs. karen o is on the cover of an aussie magazine this month called frankie. it is kinda our version of ohh shit! what is that awesome magazine called! you know the one, lily allen was on the cover once. ohh shit. anywho it's kinda like that.

except: Bob Dylan writes songs like no other, generation-defining tunes that has managed to stay true to the people for more than five decades.
i think has should be have, maybe?

Stine sagde ...

Hahaha dit citat fik mig til at grine :D Og der skal altså meget til, før jeg griner når jeg sidder foran computeren. Følte mig a også lidt dum da jeg tog mig selv i at side at fnise i et halv mørkt rum helt for mig selv :P