søndag den 29. marts 2009


I wanna go to Washington

I wanna meet the president
I'm on top of the world
I'm indestructible to ya'll
It's strange when people say
That they are living their lives
Day by day
I'm never satisfied
We've got to reach that all time high Lutricia McNeil

Day Six
the United Nations building, Hard Rock Cafe, Smithsonian Museums - Air and Space

Day Seven
United States Marine Corps War Memorial, Arlington National Cemetary, John F. Kennedy's gravesite (I thought a lot about Malene here), Washington Monument, Roosevelt Memorial, the White House, Obama, Smithsonian Museums - museum of American History, Dorothy's ruby slippers, Kermit the Frog, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial

2 kommentarer:

lindy/ sagde ...

memorial fountain thing

1. ted or franklin? coz franklin's wife is pretty much my hero
2. haaa sputnik. oh forget it, i'm doody!
3. forrest gump! oh wait you haven't seen it have you? watch it and then you'll know what i'm talking about.

Enna D'lor sagde ...

Ehm HAVE I seen forest gump?! ONLY like a million times! ane yearh we were all like, can we please please run into the watr like jenny?? and he's like, well yu can, but its probably the most polluted waters in all of new york cause its basically a giant birdbath for seagulls. so yearh, obviously i was still game, but we didnt have time.. very sad.

franklin, d'uh, the one in the wheelchair and with the little puppy (: