tirsdag den 10. marts 2009

The War of 1812

And the White House burned, burned, burned,
And we’re the one’s that did it!
It burned, burned, burned,
While the president ran and cried.
It burned, burned, burned,
And things were very historical.
And the Americans ran and cried
like a bunch of little babies
Waa waa waah
In the War of 1812!

I just had Canadian History (and this is probs what all the Americans think all Canadian students learn in school) and Wyatt put this song on, and ends with So, if you go to Washington, its buildings clean and nice, bring a pack of matches, and we’ll burn the White House twice! and we were all like, oh em gee as if we are listening to this in C.H, but it was so funny. I'll make sure to bring a pack of matches, because;

#8 place to go in Washington D.C.

the White House (Obama lives there!)

yeshh baby! So excited, O(bama!)MG! I really, really hope we'll be going to the Obamarama, otherwise I'll just hang around til he comes out or waves at us through his window like the Pope in Vatican City.

This guy behind me who's in the Animation Class that I'm intruding on by occupying the last open seat is listening to the Discovery Channel song his friend is like "dude, I love that song!" and Guy #1 is like, "it's by this band, Bloodhound", and something in my nervous system just breaks a little. Out of reaction I go: "It's Bloodhoung Gang" before I realize that I was never in the conversation... They sideways-glare and frown some brows while I swiftly change my page to something History related to avert the suspicions that I really don't belong amongst these animation people. I kind of want to recommend Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo, but I think I've done enough for them for the mo. Someone to the right of me just broke a pen and a little see-through plastic bit went in his eye. Suck it.

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Uh uh der har jeg jo været! Anne glæd dig!

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.. and the discovery channel song is actually called the bad touch, so i got extra pissed at mr. animation wise guy.