mandag den 9. marts 2009

Two Doors Down

I think I'm in love with the girl next door, it's driving me crazy I can't take it anymore, I hear her playing the drums late at night, the neighbours complain but thats the kind of girl I like Mystery Jets
I'm fasting and it's a hazzle. No solid foods, no dairy, no sugar, no exceptions, for 60 hours. Have so far consumed 6 calories all day, in gum alone. I'm 12 hours in and it's kind of funny still, but also really weird because everything around me looks like food, or smells appetizing, or looks generally eatable. I like fasting though, it's pretty existencial and we are a few people doing it, stay golden Sherry and London.

On announcements today, they played the song I dedicated to Lindsey back in the day! And three days ago they played some other good ones, Nicest Thing, and Good Looking Woman by Joe Dolan. They found Flourescent Adolescence too inappropriate though. Harden up Sacred!

Kelsey died her hair redish, and it kind of looks like it did at Halloween when she was Wilma.

Drew: "I am not hairy enough to be the missing link!"
Anne: "Shut up, loin fruit."

Yearh, Drew was getting on my case today in CW, he's like, "say something in Danish!" and I'm like, "go away", and he's like "pleaaaaase" and I'm like: "du er en tredimensionel majskolbe" [you are a three-dimensional corn on the cob] and he's like: "that was probably SO rude!" and turns away.
I was wearing my 50s housewife dress from the thrift store and told him it used to my mom's wedding dress. Fun stuff.

Yesterday, Renee went to the hospital for like five hours and came back with ulcer meds. Ulcer! And her mom was all, "are we putting too much pressure on you, Renee? Are you okay?" and Renee is like: "I don't have an ulcer, it's just an infection!" and it was all highly enter-taining. Rehearsal sucked. Well I did, anyways. I am putting my Freud costume together, it's pretty complex, three piece suit with leather patches, dress shirt, dress shoes, glasses, cigar (haha), notepad, pen... And I'm going to learn from experience and add extra socks to that too, and maybe wear a swimsuit or bikini or something to practice all the time so I don't have to wait for the dressing rooms to clear up. And then again, we are only 8 people in the play (and like twenty people in stage crew) so it'll probs work out fine. Then again, swimsuits are fun!


48 hours to go
8 days til East Coast!!!
#17 place to go in Boston

Harvard Yard

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Anne sagde ...

jah! den tredimenshionelle majskolbe lever videre :D du skal total få nogen til at sige det også filme det!!! HAHA!! total fucked :P
også skal personen ikke grine helt vildt imens, personen skal sige det såden grav alvorlig og og og og stirre dybt ind i kameraet! ej det bliver så GODT!! ANNE, gør det!!!

Jericho. sagde ...

WHY are you fasting?
ohh song for me :) what song was it?
as if the harvard yard would be the #17 place to visit in boston! what else is in boston besides harvard? i love that ep of gilmore girls. season 2 episode 1 i think?

gaabeezyy sagde ...

wait... ulcer? where? haha
cause i think i might have the same thing.

Enna D'lor sagde ...

it's a stomach ulcer of sorts. but it might just be some kind of infection; however, she is on ulcer meds! Its pretty funny that she sucks at life that much(:

dayso !