mandag den 9. marts 2009

Sweet Dogs

Sweet dogs.
Sweet rain.
Never come and go.
I'm ohh so fine and ready to blow. Trolle Siebenhaar

Just sitting around, thinking about food and drinking orange juice, third glass of the hour. I really miss Danish music awards, and like P3 Guld, it's golden! And then I was thinking about that song, Moan (Trentemoeller), it makes you want to dance fiercely around your bedroom, youtube it and get the live version with Ane Trolle cause that one's perrty.
I did Renee's wall yesterday, when she was at the hospital. She liked it. I'll do more when she's not home again. Christine's initial reaction was screaming, "you covered up the pretty purple flowers!" (there are now sixteen remaining visible in the room)
Lindsey: the song I dedicated to you (from your soulmate) was Two Doors Down! D'uh. I'm fasting because Sherry and I were talking about how we just don't appreciate food like they used to in the old days, and tomorrow there's Think Fast (a madame Helene project by the way) were the students don't eat all day and instead think about starving children and what not. But you have to pay 50 dollars to participate! So we were like, screw that, we'll fast and think of starving children OURSELVES, hah! and then we decided to do it for 60 hours because 24 hours is for wimps. 44 hours to go.
It's not really a ranking system, it's just the #17th thing I'm going to see on the trip, after the first 16 things that weren't as important to me as Harvard Yard!

Oh, and remember how I gave Luc all those cool beards and mustaches for his birthday?

And a first class shout-out to Holler, Wild Rose! Tums up for being Canadian. I think. Well, I just kind of assume, so if I'm wrong, high five for sounding Canadian!

4 kommentarer:

Anne sagde ...

yo Anne, har du modtaget min mail?
den med ALLE de fede sange som du ikke oplever fordi du er vold langt væk!!!
lyt til det hele!! ELSK DET!!! du skal foresten også lytte til den sang der hedder ELSK MIG NU! af Liam O'Connor :D den er fucked up herlig!! også går den på en veto melodi!! wuhu!
klem Anne

Jericho. sagde ...

haha is that the sweater that we debated whether or not it was feminine?!

Enna D'lor sagde ...

yup, thats the sweater (: and christine was like "anne says it was a girl's shirt and lindsey wanted you to have a hat!" and im like, where is she getting this from, hehe (:

Jericho. sagde ...

and i really like what you've done with renee's wall :)