mandag den 2. marts 2009

Sleep [Instrumental]

"You and Your Youth in a Changing World".. I am currently reading a sort of psychological analysis and supportive-parent book on how to deal with teenagers, written in 1966. It's pretty funny and surprisingly universal, actually, and I will try to quote it intellectually once in a while.

Great weekend, worked pretty much after plan. Went to a supper cooked by my Swiss friend who goes to the neighbouring school. Missed the Regional vs Sacred game, Sacred won and I missed it! I am so upset. I had green and yellow stuff all over my face, yellow nails and big yellow pants. But spaetzle is pretty damn amazing.

Worked out sunday night! Ran for 31 minutes on a treadmill without music, it was grand, then I ropeskipped and I am definately out of training.. Embarrassing. But at least I can spell embarrassing, eh Logan?

Today at school I almost got a dresscode offence! Feel proud of me, Lindsey, I am following in your footsteps. Haha, accidentally typed in "foodsteps" there, ironic eh? Got a new skirt and wore it in my waist, apparently the one-hand-rule doesnt count if you have "longer legs than most" .. what exactly does that mean, Mrs. Wyatt? Anyway, I pulled my skirt down to ze hips and felt like a momo all day.
I have tea, mango slices and The Stone Angel on my agenda for tonight.

Dr. Seuss' birthday! How cute is google? Very! And coincidentally, I've been thinking a lot lately that Stephen Merchant from Extras looks like the grinch.
OH! Lindsey, there's a And google image results. I heart Corey! (Corey is the guy in the creamy silk tie. Not the guy who looks like the grinch - that's Stephen.)

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Jericho. sagde ...

corey werner! i love him. i told my class about the whole maralee cory senario lol.
working out again? ohh you suck.
and is your swiss friend mischa? i thought he was from germany.

Enna D'lor sagde ...

no no, that other swiss guy from the regional, Lucas. the good-looking one (:

ingwari! dobbelt you tee ef man!

Jericho. sagde ...

and of course it was mrs wyatt to give you a dress code.