torsdag den 5. marts 2009

She's Only Fifteen

Happy Birthday today to Luc, 18! Arghh, so old!
Now he can vote in Canada, buy cigarettes, lottery tickets, drive in Denmark, be an official kidnapper if he tries to drive to America with a minor, take a wife.. and buy Playboy! What a bright future that guy has ahead of him, I can just taste the nuclear radiation already.

And Glorious Sweet Sixteen to Renee.. three days ago.. Oopsies! But look how pretty you are;

Renee got a Barbie doll! And it was the NEW one, with the 50th Anniversary facelift and boob-job! I was pleased, and Sheridan just kind of held on to it akwardly until he forgot what he was handling between his meaty fingers.. and started nonchalantly sucking on the edge of the box.

Look how pretty Sherry is!! And my hair is getting long. I still can't decide - get bangs or let it all grow out? My life is just decisions, decisions, decisions..

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Jericho. sagde ...

1. get bangs
2. sheridan is beautiful (had to say it like jim carrey says it in god almighty to remember how to spell it. how shameful)
3. barbie got a facelift and boob job?
4. my socks have cows with christmas hats on them.
5. have you been to italy? where abouts is that in relation to denmark? let me google a'd have to go through germany and austria/switzerland i think.

Jericho. sagde ...

oh the little word thing that you have to type to post a comment after the comment i just did was "pronn" and it looked like prom