lørdag den 28. marts 2009

New York City

Standing on the corner
Just me and Yoko Ono
We was waiting for Jerry to land
Up come a man
with the guitar in his hand
Singing "have a marijuana if you can"
His name was Davis Peel
And we found that he was real
He sangs"The pope smokes dope everyday"
Up come a police man shoved
us up the street
Singin', "power to the people today!" John Lennon
Day Three
transfer to New York City. Empire State Building and Observatory.
It was rainy but very, very beautiful.

Day Four
Manhattan, the streets of New York, Central Park, Strawberry Fields, Wall Street, United Nations Building, ground zero, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy and Harlem. FAO Schwarz giant toy store with body control piano, the Apple store and H&M on fifth avenue.

Day Five
Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, 30 Rock, NBC studios (Tina Fey!), Broadway, Virgin megastore (which is closing down, like really, that is just silly)

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lindy/ sagde ...

you really suck, i hope you know.
i really want to write that quote from friends where phoebe is talking about something it's like...
take a walk in central park and have coffee at central perk and then she realises where that name came from.