søndag den 15. marts 2009

melt your heart

When you're kissing someone who's too much like you
It's like kissing on the mirror
When you're sleeping with someone who doesn't get you
You're going to hate yourself in the morning
It's bound to melt your heart
One way or another
bound to melt your heart
For good for bad Jenny Lewis & the Watson twins

So this is blog post number 100, and I can not believe I've actually stayed this persistent with you for more than 8 months. This is just me, all me, and I kind of wanted to make a top 100 awsome things, in general, or in particular, or in whatever. Lets see how far we go. Not sorted by rank, or any significant order.

I took too long doing this, its now blog 101, deal.

  1. soft but squishy pillows
  2. really dark chocolate
  3. rye bread with lever pate and cucumber slices
  4. going swimming, and then eating fries and slush ice with Malene
  5. sitting on the handle of an old-fashioned paperboy bicycle
  6. going to the movies with Anne when hung over and drinking watered-down coke from McDonald's
  7. blueberry muffins from the Seven-Eleven across the street from the best H&M in Aarhus
  8. Red Nose Day and making songs about aids
  9. binging on orange flavoured Marabou chocolate and Katjes pandas all night
  10. getting my braces adjusted and crying and eating lots and lots of Dream ice cream in buckets
  11. getting my braces off
  12. getting a flower vase, not a flower, for Valentine's.
  13. being the only ones standing in water to our thighs and hearing Tue West at the biggest scene
  14. Mystery Jets and Kate Nash in Copenhagen
  15. my butterfly bush sprouting outside my window and actually attracting butterflies, which really freaked me out
  16. doing taekwondo and being able to do more than ten push-ups at a time
  17. Rope Skipping Mini Camps that we loved going to because it felt SO good when the weekend was over
  18. long-distance phone calls
  19. running through sprinklers and drying yourself by lying on the lawn all day
  20. hearing a Kate Nash song on the radio, getting people into Kate Nash
  21. coming home to my Dad washing the floors and singing along to loud Irish folk music and Cash
  22. going to Canadian Wonderland and riding the old wooden rollercoaster at dusk with rain and lightening from the dark clouds
  23. painting your nails pink and feeling dainty for the next many hours
  24. giving inanimate objects nicknames
  25. cute undies – calling them undies – and new bras
  26. rain on pavement in the summertime
  27. riding your bicycle on hot pavement and feeling like being in a dessert because the road ahead is all blurry with heat
  28. watching ants
  29. a good mug that you can wrap your hands around
  30. the fuss on peaches
  31. singing “f… the pain away” really loudly to Peaches with my sister
  32. being taller than I’ve ever been in my life
  33. running home in the rain and coming home soaked but warm, or soaked and freezing cold, and running back outside to dance in the rain
  34. jumping up and down when Denmark wins a soccer or female handball game
  35. People that work in coffeehouses
  36. People that live in the coffeehouses they work in
  37. The guy with the beard from Subway who gave Lindsey free cookies because she was foreign
  38. Peeling oranges and having lovely smelling hands all day
  39. Music in Tarantino movies
  40. Cillian Murphy
  41. Pregnancy
  42. Red Hot Chili Peppers tees
  43. Anna Sinfield
  44. NES consoles
  45. that the creator of Nintendo is a guy named Shikari Miyamoto
  46. The last sentence of the last page of a book.
  47. Unicorns and rainbows used simultaneously in pictures
  48. Obama
  49. When your legs are sleeping and you cant help but laugh out loud because it tickles so much
  50. When someone takes a picture of you when you’re not paying attention, and you actually like the way it looks
  51. Feeling pretty when you just woke up
  52. Consuming nothing but coffee on Sunday mornings
  53. Spraying perfume on stuffed toy elephants and falling asleep hugging them
  54. Eating frozen yoghurt
  55. Dried mango slices for 1.97 pr bag
  56. Buying peanut M&M’s in bulk
  57. Buying more than one good magazine at a time and reading them both straight away
  58. New textbooks, serene and untouched
  59. Writing with one of those really cheap, blue BIC pens that you can buy for like a dollar a pack.
  60. Fries from McDonald’s
  61. Marilyn Manson interviews
  62. Flying alone - travelling alone
  63. Airplane food
  64. Acting on a stage
  65. Starbucks coffee in airports
  66. Freshly-shaven legs
  67. Legs tanned by summer
  68. Ripe melons
  69. The soundtrack to Breakfast on Pluto
  70. Finishing “Lovely Bones” and feeling slightly different afterwards
  71. (all) my grandparents
  72. Not knowing what I want to do with my life
  73. British accents
  74. eating ice cream in the snow
  75. Renee going on ulcer meds and failing at life
  76. writing letters to Cindy and putting too many stickers on
  77. receiving letters from Cindy containing too many stickers
  78. making plans for the summer
  79. meeting people with funny names and telling them that their names are funny (Blaze, Brett Hickie, Sheridan, Lindsey spelled the boy way)
  80. that I sometimes write my birthday as the 31st of July because that’s Harry Potter’s birthday and I get them mixed up.
  81. that I’m really, really proud of my Mom, Dad and sister.
  82. my cousin Una Eileen
  83. Andy J. Miller hand drawn art (google: death wish)
  84. that Yorkton has two Indian casinos
  85. the time difference between Saskatchewan and San Francisco
  86. talking to Dad every Sunday
  87. tea with milk
  88. mini polaroid pictures in my purse
  89. crazy red, curly hair and blue/grey eyes
  90. my crazy biology teacher who doesn’t really believe in evolution
  91. foreign people – exchange students – Japanese exchange students
  92. Skanderbronx, Denmark
  93. good hair days
  94. falling asleep to my favourite music
  95. original iPod shuffles
  96. food that looks like non-food things
  97. dessert chefs
  98. Chelsey Dubnyk’s voice
  99. Denmark represented in other countries (Lego! Arla! The drummer from Metallica!)
  100. seeing or meeting someone who is so pretty it takes your breath away. Staring at them instead of listening to what they are saying.
  101. zorses and ligers, cool hybrid animals in general

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Jericho. sagde ...

3. danish rye bread tastes funny :)
37. ohh i love that guy!
41. ha ha!
55. except they were never there! and i didn't fancy the pineapple ones.
70. i saw that nearly every day at the digout's and always thought "i'll have to read that sometime" but never did.
76. and sticking too many stickers onto postcards for MY australian friends
84. haaa only yorkton!
90. chisholm? coz i love him.
91. me me me!
98. YES!

Enna D'lor sagde ...

honourable mention; Corey Werner!