tirsdag den 10. marts 2009


Lay off
Don’t stress
Well, my kind's your kind
I’ll stay the same
Pack up
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Just finished writing a screenplay with Chelsey for our short movie thriller. Exciting. I mailed Lindsey, and wanted to youtube/myspace some of the many many songs Anne send me, but then the computers here can't access those pages! Stupid firewalls. And stupid poeple who used these glorious sites for evil, leaving all of us to be without.

Berit it pretty preggers by now, and is due in a month! Received this by mail, and am really really excited about the baby coming! Must think of baby names!

Ross: You already know what your kids' names are gonna be.
Chandler: You do?
Monica: Yeah, I've had them picked out since I was fourteen.
Chandler: Oh no, it's gonna be named after some snack or baked good, isn't it?

#8 place to go in New York City


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