søndag den 15. marts 2009

Fill My Pill

get out of my skin
get out of my skin
and now you're embarassed get out of my skin
I try to fight you but you always win
it turns out the medication only makes you tough
you were so damn mean but I've had enough
Be Your Own Pet

Packing, singing, drinking blueberry tea. Listening to Depeche Mode, BYOP and Cat Power, which is kind of a weird mix and kind of very complimentary. Finished the important homework, am going to bring the Stoned Angel, though I'll probably regret it by the time I'm on my way, which is tomorrow afternoon. I just love travelling alone, flying alone, just me and iPod, God knows we rule the planet and the sky and time and the winds, even if it is only one breathy lyrical song at a time.

How beautiful are these lyrics?;
the moon is not only beautiful
it is so far away
the moon is not only ice cold
it is here to stay
when i lay me down
will you still be around
when they put me six feet underground
will the big bad beautiful you be around

I've been singing Sea of Love ever since the Juno soundtrack came out, but now I am just addicted. How beautiful is Chan Marshall? I am so amused.

The weekend was really, really good. Landon's birthday friday, drank milkshake in a bucket in a limo. Went to BP and everybody was there, don't ever order Thai pizza or the pasta alfredo, i ate too fast and threw up but Dayton was there, that made up for it.
Went out to Theodore with Gage and Landon and Sherry and Renee and Katrina and made cake and danish pancakes and this stupid chocolate suffle which tourned out more like chocolate scrambled eggs, yum. We made a big mess and I washed the dishes and we went to Yorkton saturday to buy groceries and orange juice with pulp.

I am putting my stuff in neat piles and admiring my admirable amount of travel crap. Duffel bag or hard shelled suitcase? Winter jacket or fur coat? A little more, a little less, whatever suits the lady best, I guess. I want more ice cream, more tea, and no more Personal Jesus.

- school. history unit 2 exam test on useless facts and the boston tea party.
- bus to regina, wuuhuu.
and then;
- airport really, really early
- toronto!
- meet people in toronto, fly to boston.
- meet people in boston! exciting stuff.
- bye until next tuesday.
Goodnight, I guess. I am newly washed, newly cleansed and not planning on sleeping anytime soon.

2 kommentarer:

Jericho. sagde ...

jac would have to be one of my favourite people in the world.
i just love her.
gage's hat makes you look like a gangsta trucker :)
i love that photo of you and renee.
fur coat fur coat fur coat!

lindy/ sagde ...

oh and i forgot to mention in my other comment! haa at zac morgan in background...i think i will watch beauty and the beast now.