mandag den 16. marts 2009

Earth Intruders

here come the earth intruders
we are the paratroopers
the beat of sharp shooters
come straight from voodoo
with our feet thumping
with our feet marching
grinding skeptics
into the soil Björk

Ukrainian fashion week in Kiev

Stine! I love you Stine!

Like politics? Interested in Canada? Or just like clicking the little thumbnail
picture in the corner to change the appearances of the three people?

Ah! It looks like a shuffle but it's food!

#10 place to go in Boston

Italian North End

3 kommentarer:

Jericho. sagde ...

Ukrainian fashion week? Hehe.
Haa just remembered! Asking people at the Ukrainian Dance Valentine's Social what the capital city of the Ukraine is! :) good times.

Stine sagde ...

Jeg elsker også dig Anne <3

leapfrog sagde ...

dream oh yaaaaH