mandag den 30. marts 2009

Caroline's a Victim

Caroline wishes that she could meet
All the boys and the girls who live down her street
'Cos she knows that they share that tapping of the feet
When she play that killer killer killer killer beat
Caroline's a victim
Caroline's a victim
Caroline is a victim Kate Nash

oh god I just came back from running a couple of rounds around the elementary school a few blocks from here. it is so amazingly beautiful outside, the sun is out and actually warm for the first time since october. Sask is warming up, hurray! but there's still a ton of snow out, most of it in mid-melt, so I had to jump so many puddles and I still sank through little snowbunches here and there. Nice for me, depressing for my soaked nikes. When I got back I felt fabulous and all endorfined up, but now I have to shower! Dammit, I showered yesterday. Anyways, I was listening to a lot of Kate and I suddenly realised, this song is so amazing and I havent listened to it properly since summer 08, and I know Caroline's a Victim is so 2007, but I still love it! I love it! It's so great. And the music video is just, oh sigh, astounding. But I'm a blog-loser so I cant figure out how to put youtube videos on here! this is what you get;

And does anyone know how I can get my little monkey fingers on the Moshi Moshi singles compilation album? Moshi Moshi records is so great! Not just Kate, but Tilly and the Wall and the Rakes, and Au Revoir Simone too! Oh and swedish Lykke Li!

what else is new? oh right. weekend; super!

friday I spend listening to Renee performing at the coffeehouse. Talent, mes amis! She dried out her binder and Sean (as in Sean of Welcome to Reykjavik) was so amused that he asked her to come sing at his next album release. Exciting stuff!

Afterwards, I went to Alex's sweet sixteen, god I love that girl... Sherry and Gage picked us up, we cruised around and blasted music for a while, and then home sweet home to bed sweet bed. Next day was one of those wow-I-should-be-doing-homework saturdays that I spend sleeping all day, getting up to get ready and going to Kate and Lucas' place with Bennett and Dave. Fun stuff, a really great night, made it home in one piece and slept til noon sunday. Got up to do a spot of homework (oh ha ha), went to dress rehearsal which unfortunately was rock solid (isnt that a bad omen???), got my full costume and make-up on which takes about 40 minutes as it consists of a rather large beard, giant bushy eyebrows and white-painted hair in a tight bun. The beard was glued to my skin and burned a lot. Will probably work wonders on my pores. My eyebrows are still sticking together and feathering something very dandruff-resembling as a result of the crusting white glue. Eek eek. Then we got home to watch Junos! Hurray for Canadian entertainment, boo for Nickelback winning freaking everything! As if they got the fan award over Feist, like really, what is this? Did you know that Nickelback's name comes from one of the members' history of being a barista and saying, over and over again, "would you like your nickel back?" to customers? NO, okay, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT. Why do you think I care, really, why would I want to know that? And what's with that lead singer's wannabe Cobain hair? Get over yourself.

This song is titled the perky song, but lots of her stuff is still untitled, so if you have suggestions do share. much appreciated, thank you!

And now I'm just waiting for this video to opload, and I'll go for a walk with Lori.

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lindy/ sagde ...

the little thing on the table next to annes canada in your photo up there ^^^ kinda looks new zealand.

and caroline's a victim was the first kate nash song i ever heard! :) and then i put it in my msn and some girl was like "who's caroline".

ERRA-TRON sagde ...

hahah, i LOVE kate nash, she doesn't go out of date.

and little miss lindy, my party planner, wansn't alowed to go!!!
shame on her.

op shop dress but i added to it.


lindy/ sagde ...

ha i love how she's singing with gage's hat on.
and pretty sure she should name it "aussies are superior so everyone else should just suck it and go back to eating perogies"

lindy/ sagde ...

i've watched this video so many times!
it reminds me of the line "i wish that you knew when i said two sugars, i actually meant three"

Tha BossMack TopSoil sagde ...

Running is fun as fuck,

Anonym sagde ...

Hey doll! Thx for the blog comment. It's sweet you live in Yorkton. I was born there!