mandag den 30. marts 2009

Caroline's a Victim

Caroline wishes that she could meet
All the boys and the girls who live down her street
'Cos she knows that they share that tapping of the feet
When she play that killer killer killer killer beat
Caroline's a victim
Caroline's a victim
Caroline is a victim Kate Nash

oh god I just came back from running a couple of rounds around the elementary school a few blocks from here. it is so amazingly beautiful outside, the sun is out and actually warm for the first time since october. Sask is warming up, hurray! but there's still a ton of snow out, most of it in mid-melt, so I had to jump so many puddles and I still sank through little snowbunches here and there. Nice for me, depressing for my soaked nikes. When I got back I felt fabulous and all endorfined up, but now I have to shower! Dammit, I showered yesterday. Anyways, I was listening to a lot of Kate and I suddenly realised, this song is so amazing and I havent listened to it properly since summer 08, and I know Caroline's a Victim is so 2007, but I still love it! I love it! It's so great. And the music video is just, oh sigh, astounding. But I'm a blog-loser so I cant figure out how to put youtube videos on here! this is what you get;

And does anyone know how I can get my little monkey fingers on the Moshi Moshi singles compilation album? Moshi Moshi records is so great! Not just Kate, but Tilly and the Wall and the Rakes, and Au Revoir Simone too! Oh and swedish Lykke Li!

what else is new? oh right. weekend; super!

friday I spend listening to Renee performing at the coffeehouse. Talent, mes amis! She dried out her binder and Sean (as in Sean of Welcome to Reykjavik) was so amused that he asked her to come sing at his next album release. Exciting stuff!

Afterwards, I went to Alex's sweet sixteen, god I love that girl... Sherry and Gage picked us up, we cruised around and blasted music for a while, and then home sweet home to bed sweet bed. Next day was one of those wow-I-should-be-doing-homework saturdays that I spend sleeping all day, getting up to get ready and going to Kate and Lucas' place with Bennett and Dave. Fun stuff, a really great night, made it home in one piece and slept til noon sunday. Got up to do a spot of homework (oh ha ha), went to dress rehearsal which unfortunately was rock solid (isnt that a bad omen???), got my full costume and make-up on which takes about 40 minutes as it consists of a rather large beard, giant bushy eyebrows and white-painted hair in a tight bun. The beard was glued to my skin and burned a lot. Will probably work wonders on my pores. My eyebrows are still sticking together and feathering something very dandruff-resembling as a result of the crusting white glue. Eek eek. Then we got home to watch Junos! Hurray for Canadian entertainment, boo for Nickelback winning freaking everything! As if they got the fan award over Feist, like really, what is this? Did you know that Nickelback's name comes from one of the members' history of being a barista and saying, over and over again, "would you like your nickel back?" to customers? NO, okay, I DIDN'T KNOW THAT. Why do you think I care, really, why would I want to know that? And what's with that lead singer's wannabe Cobain hair? Get over yourself.

This song is titled the perky song, but lots of her stuff is still untitled, so if you have suggestions do share. much appreciated, thank you!

And now I'm just waiting for this video to opload, and I'll go for a walk with Lori.

søndag den 29. marts 2009

She's Leaving Home

Wednesday morning at five o'clock as the day begins
Silently closing her bedroom door
Leaving the note that she hoped would say more
She goes downstairs to the kitchen clutching her handkerchief
Quietly turning the backdoor key
Stepping outside she is free.
She (we gave her most of our lives)
is leaving (sacrificed most of our lives)
home (we gave her everything money could buy) The Beatles

Day 8
going home. It was really hard to say goodbye to all these wonderful people - again. But the reunion is in fall, Copenhagen, so buckle up people. The first wave of goodbyes was around three a.m, so no-one went to bed. It was just Braz Deborah and I in our hotel room, so I showered, got dressed comfortably and packed, one duffel sack, one backpack, a purse and a full-size cardboard cut-out of Obama wrapped in a protective layer of white trash bags. Around five we all checked out, loaded the bus and went to the D.C airport. I drank coffee, flew to Ottawa, watched my colourful duffel bag and Obama in the plastic bag getting loaded into the airplane and the guy loading it was pointing and pulling people over to watch Obama sliding up the conveyer belt which was very entertaining for me, drank more coffee, landed in Toronto for 25 minutes, two cappuchinos, and then I was finally in Regina, where my hostdad and sister picked me up. We went to starbucks, had chinese food, and then we bought a cigar and went to Sacred to rehearse the play. I sucked at first, and then I got better. We went home, I did laundry and gave people prezzies (a NYC (not I heart NY) sweater for my sister, a beer pong champ set for my bro, and Obama for my rentals)), and finally went to bed. I woke up around four p.m. the next day, very well rested but one more day to add to being behind in school. Oh well. I went to rehearsal which rocked, my costume is finally coming together, and my million and one props are more controlled now. I still look like a little drag with a penis.


I wanna go to Washington

I wanna meet the president
I'm on top of the world
I'm indestructible to ya'll
It's strange when people say
That they are living their lives
Day by day
I'm never satisfied
We've got to reach that all time high Lutricia McNeil

Day Six
the United Nations building, Hard Rock Cafe, Smithsonian Museums - Air and Space

Day Seven
United States Marine Corps War Memorial, Arlington National Cemetary, John F. Kennedy's gravesite (I thought a lot about Malene here), Washington Monument, Roosevelt Memorial, the White House, Obama, Smithsonian Museums - museum of American History, Dorothy's ruby slippers, Kermit the Frog, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial

lørdag den 28. marts 2009

New York City

Standing on the corner
Just me and Yoko Ono
We was waiting for Jerry to land
Up come a man
with the guitar in his hand
Singing "have a marijuana if you can"
His name was Davis Peel
And we found that he was real
He sangs"The pope smokes dope everyday"
Up come a police man shoved
us up the street
Singin', "power to the people today!" John Lennon
Day Three
transfer to New York City. Empire State Building and Observatory.
It was rainy but very, very beautiful.

Day Four
Manhattan, the streets of New York, Central Park, Strawberry Fields, Wall Street, United Nations Building, ground zero, Greenwich Village, SoHo, Chinatown, Little Italy and Harlem. FAO Schwarz giant toy store with body control piano, the Apple store and H&M on fifth avenue.

Day Five
Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, 30 Rock, NBC studios (Tina Fey!), Broadway, Virgin megastore (which is closing down, like really, that is just silly)


Essential yet appealed
Carry all your thoughts
Across an open field
When flowers gaze at you
They're not the only ones
Who cry when they see you
You said
She said I think I'll go to Boston
Think I'll start a new life
I think I'll start it over
Where no one knows my name
I'll get out of California
I'm tired of the weather
Think I'll get a lover
And fly him out to Spain
I think I'll go to Boston
I think that I'm just tired
I think I need a new town
To leave this all behind
I think I need a sunrise
I'm tired of a sunset
I hear it's nice in the summer
Some snow would be nice
Oh yeah
I'm back! I half forgot how much fun exchange students can be, especially when they come together from all over. We were about fifty, all of us doing our exchanges in North America, mostly the U.S. A lot of german germs and japanese hollaback girls, it was so great.
The best to see: Almost Famous on the plane, Broadway, Virgin record store, Harvard, 30 Rock/NBC studios
The best to be with: Marie Jo, Andre, Lorenza and Larissa. Deborah and Jakob.
The best to eat: New York Cherry Cheesecake! and really big pretzels from street vendors
The best to listen to: Depeche Mode and Andre singing Beatles
The best to sit by: the view of Boston, the Bronx in the rain, squeaky clean D.C
The best to remember: how great the Culture Camp was, and how much exchange students/foreign people rock!
The best to shop: at Urban Outfitters & American Apparel! And Necessary Clothing in SoHo. And more Urban Outfitters. Shoes, dresses, minijackets, bf cardigans, bags, sweaters and sweet underwear.
The best to move you: Ground zero, Strawberry Fields and JFK's gravesite
The best to impress you: the view from the Empire State Building, the Air and Space Museum, the White House, and how clean D.C. is.
... Simply the best.
Day One - St. Patrick's Day
the Boston Freedom Trail, U.S.S Constitution, the place where the Cheers bar used to be, Trinity Church, Prudential Building, Bunker Hill Monument (so many stairs), Old South meeting house, Old State house, Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market (good thai food)

Day Two
Beacon Hill, Newbury Street, McDonald's (you can't bring food into the bus - well you can just suck it cos I got a big bag), Old Granary burying ground, Italian North End, Old North Church, the Big Dig, Cambridge's Harvard Square, Charles River, Harvard Yard, Harvard University, the EF main office with a piece of the Berlinermauer (stupid EF)

- I just learned today that the sea cucumber can vomit its internal organs as a defense and regrow them over several months. omg 98 days!