onsdag den 25. februar 2009


Ever had those days where you're like, uh-uh, better look like I'm working on something, so you google something like "crystal structure of a europate complex with the most intensely triboluminescent emission at ambient temperature" and glance nervously over your shoulder, only to discover that you actually are all alone in the room, and can google anything you want? With that freedom, to google anything without the jay-walking and judgemental eyes of others, often pressure me to pursue the inevitably most selfish act of all; to google myself. Today, my page one results all were, in order after most hits, as follows.

1) WhitePages.com - there is an Anne Rold listing in California, and one in New York. The name Anne is the #129 ranked first name in the United States, right below Marilyn, right over Robin.

2) MySpace.com - ironically, my own myspace account doesn't appear, but my friend Lindsey's does, complete with a description as me as her hero (aww, you're cute!) and a beautious picture from under the christmas tree.

3) worms-for-the-news.blogspot.com - Mikaela's blog! With the pretty quote: Anne Rold we are perfect for eachother!! shouuld we marry... even though we have the same blood?

4) facebook.com - not my own, but my teacher from TEDA, Mrs. Rochford's, profile.
5) facebook.com - my sister's profile appears.

6) facebook.com - Lea Nunan, the mother of Australian twin friends Tamsin and Olivia.

7) annescanada.blogspot.com - finally! a post from august materializes.

8) Meeting list from the Ultimate Sport Service, Denmark district, shows up, with a list of my complete personal information about where I live and what my home, cell and work numbers are. Why is this on the internet?

9) katolsk-aarhus.dk - haha, a post of my Catholic confirmation back in the day! That is so cool, did not know my church had a website. Wicked.

10) e-pages.dk - an interview that I wrote for a sportsmagazine about leadertraining in Denmark is now available in ready-to-read hi-tech on the website, with pictures of me and everything. Wow, I did not know the world wide web had this much stuff on me. Kind of creeped out right now. Oh well, at least there are no naked pictures.. Uh-uh image search! 6 pictures showed up, but they are all blog-related.. So I will go to bed now. Continously creeped out. Stupod globalization.

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Raidstar sagde ...


oh gosh when i google i only get random Maireads! one of then won a nobel prize! :D

myxzgan- May You X-ray Zerbras Groin After Nine?

haha omg we got lindsey back!!!!