søndag den 15. februar 2009

a review or two

Okay, so this is the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously. The stuff great legends are made of. In other words, Asobi Seksu (convenient Japanese name for a NYC indie band) has made the most beautiful album to date, Hush, an album dramatically consisting of lead vocalist Yuki’s sweet, fragile voice floating in and out of the layered guitars of second vocalist James Hanna. This is pure, dreamy pop beats, oozing with class and vitality. Imagine a compilation of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Mazzy Star, and classic pop at it’s best, all put into a blender and processed to a smooth, uniform substance, with superior interior. The whole album is built around a glorious wall of sound that wraps itself around you, leaving you feeling ultimately satisfied and smiling from dimple to dimple.

Remember 1999? Remember …Baby, One More Time, remember the blond hair, the wonderfully superficial pop notes, the innocence of the Mickey Mouse Club’s last infinite virgin? I do. And I also remember that heartbreaking sensation you feel when a childhood hero turns into the biggest media chaos trooper since Michael Jackson, constantly showed off as a rapidly disorientated, sad specimen with no-where to go but down, down, deeper and down. As we all grew up and immerged into the millennium, Britney Spears lost strand after strand of dignity until all that was left was, well, her underwear on a stage at the VMA this past September. To name a so-called comeback album Cirkus after infamously and very publicly living life as a sideshow, critics and fans alike are wondering what has become of the pretty Disney girl. I apologize, but the album is rubbish. Even Womanizer, which might have satisfied your basic needs for a good-girl-gone-bad-type party song momentarily, grew old very fast. Buying this album would be like buying that sad, lonely little cage bird at the Asian street market, not because you really want to own it, but because you’re afraid something even worse will happen to it if left for someone else to handle.
Reviews for the paper, february.

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Raidstar sagde ...

ohhhh i'm a stalker too!!! as lindsey would say: YAYNESS IN THE ANUS!! haha i love polly bleeker! he's the reason i ate 10 packets of tic-tacs in one day :D ilove Juno!

iness (haha incest well sounds similiar)

Mikaela sagde ...

did you write these reviews?
Anne i'm je lous of you. English isn't your first language and you can write better than i can =(
You are one amazing girl.
I think your aunt is a bit of a fan too.
She seemed to talk a lot about you while i was there =)

peaitlreiecnia sagde ...

thank you for following hon, you have a cute little blog here! and i have to say, i agree with your review of britney's new album. her negative downward spiral doesn't seem to have finished yet.

hope you have a lovely day and thanks again