fredag den 27. februar 2009

Over The Hills And Far Away

As I'm enthusiastically filling my iPod and
watching the Barbie 50th anniversary runway
show (link below), whilst getting ready for going
out and celebrating the weekend, I suddenly see
this flourish checkered dress and I'm like..

hmm.. where have I seen this before?
Last summer in Paris with Nina perhaps?

Barbie's checkered babydoll-esque coctaildress.. and my checkered diamonds clown-costume dress

Plans? Bah, spontenaeity! Well, I still don't know what I'm doing, let's call this a rough copy. Tonight, probably the coffeehouse, seeing as people I know are singing, and yes, they will miss my cries of enthusiasm and spassy clapping if I'm not there.. Maybe I'll go watch cult anti-drug and -sex movies made for high school education in the 70s later, since I bought a bunch of those yesterday. Tomorrow is a party, random Yorkton stuff, who knows really? And I have a work-out date before showering around noon tomorrow, another assembly of avoid-mirrors hours in my life. Sunday, hmm I know I have theatre stuff, but I should probably go driving before, to practice my deadly vehicle skills.

Also today is a very special day.. My beloved Grandmother Lene's birthday! Happy Birthday!! I'm so excited, apparently she's having a great big party for all the good people at home and I'm probably invited but probably not going to make it... since I'm about 15 hours away and across the Atlantic, but that's just details really.


Barbie's 50th Anniversary -

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Jericho. sagde ...

damn you and your super awesome yorkton plans!