mandag den 16. februar 2009

Lou hearts Queensland, apparently

if this isnt canadian, i mean, come on. there's a
wooden house and a pine tree and i had to fight
my way through a four foot snowbank just to hug it.
ask mikaela, okay, i cereally dont know.

3 kommentarer:

Raidstar sagde ...

i would love to here more :D and yes lindsey it has nothing to do with you! tehe tell lindsey to email me! is blaze sexy?? and what he's gay!!!! dude new information there haha i love juno omg! this is for lindsey as well the ornage ompaloopa at our school starts with a A and ends in a "lly" doesn't like JUNO! arghhh the horror! shes stupid!

jundanh - ummm any ideas??

Stine sagde ...

Årh hvor er det kært Anne <3

SLICE magazine sagde ...

sigh..oh Canada.

good luck with the driving lessons, and the Aussie Clone sounds like a good plan. They'd never tell the difference.

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