søndag den 15. februar 2009

It's not easy having a good time

even smiling makes my face ache

Valentines day! Who cares.
Have been very, very sick. Flu?
Finally went out for about an hour yesterday and was absolutely pooped. We bought last-minute Valentines prezzies and candy and ice cream (a little vanilla bucket for a dollar each!) and said hi to Bennett at Co-op. Well actually we just kind of waved at him and walked past him, I think it brought him down a bit. Sorry.
Renee got a flower, but it was hard to say what it symbolized. It was an orchid. But it was brown. I mean wtf do you read from that?
Went home, ate ice cream, watched Vicky Christina Barcelona. Don't really know how I feel about it, it's quite artistic and Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johanson are both exceptionally beautiful, but it was kind of a little desperately sexy.. Maybe I'm just not cut out for Spanish love affairs. Lindsay (not Aussie) came, slapped Renee around a bit, went to bed feeling cold and pale but happy. With newlywashed hair.

Talked to Martin, and Dad, and Bedstemor! I was very, very pleased, haven't heard my grandmother's voice in six months so that was amazing. Renee went to work today, I watched Rocky Horror and snivelled. Went for a walk, listened to Cat Power and those two lines from Expectations [Belle & Sebastian] which are like;
tell Veronica the secrets of the boy you never kissed/she's got everything to gain cause she's a fat girl with a lisp,
I thought it went; tell the running girl the secrets of the boy you never kissed/she's got everything to gain cause she's a fucker with a list.
yeah, so lyrics-googling proved me wrong yet again.

Next week is break, hurray hurray, only downside is I have to go driving three days in a row and I absolutely suck at it. I just hope I don't slip too bad on the ice and break something/someone.

Uh uh happy news! I'm going to Boston on the 17th of March, then New York, then Washington D.C. And I'm coming home to Copenhagen on the 3rd of July! So no Roskilde for me (sob sob) but who wants to go anyway when the second name announced is Slipknot? Yearh, no fanks, maybe next year. Definately going to Smukfest though; the Streets, Beth Hart, Trolle/Siebenhaar, choir of young believers, Ida Corr, Tina Dickow, Aura, Turboweekend..
Epic epic epic summer 09.

I can't wait for spring! Beautiful, refreshing, exciting spring! It's only two weeks away, I could smell it and feel it and it's like snow, it fills the air with excitement and expectations and you never really get disappointed even though it's rarely like you remembered it or thought it'd be.

I'm cold, I want ice cream. Outie!

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