lørdag den 7. februar 2009

Emilius 17 aar!

Emilie Meldgaard

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dag
er det Emilies foedselsdag

Kaereste Emilieskatt'bass,
tillykke med foedselsdagen, kors hvor er du gammel woman!
I love you, I love you, I love you, I looooove you!
Hav en uforglemmelig dag - kort kommer snart,
gave kommer til foraaret :)<3

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Mikaela sagde ...

hahah, i had to blog it, i thought i sounded incredibly intelligent with my wise little saga. haha.
Yeah we're SECOND cousins once removed i think. You're dad is my mums cousin, that means you're my mum's second cousin? or first cousin once removed...? no idea. maybe i'm jsut your second cousin.. its so complicated. Your grandfather Ted is my mum's uncle- my Grandmother's brother. That means my grandma is your great aunt. hahaha crazy huh?
my vague memories of being in Denmark are those of that ENORMOUS polar bear in the stair way, and i refused to walk past it. I was so petrified of that thing.
and don't laugh at my crew cut. My mum made me cut all my ringlets off because i would never let her brush my hair. such a tragic story.
How much older are you than me if you can remember that and i can't?