mandag den 9. februar 2009

clinging to not getting sentimental

You used to get it in your fishnets
Now you only get it in your night dress
Started all the naughty nights with niceness
Landed in a very common crisis
Everything's in order in a black hole
Everything was pretty in the past though
That Bloody Mary's lacking in tabasco
Remember when he used to be a rascal?
good by the monkeys, better by kate

Friday? Very good. Was sick all day, and got pretty sick of my stupid snivelling sounds and the embarrasement of not being able to hit the garbage can with my rolled-up tissues on first tries. Watched Weeds (episode with the little boy and the banana), Gilmore Girls (uh! season one! wear a bra, Rory), Friends (fire safety is not a joke, son) and My So-Called Life (like ODD'ed on it). Later I went to pick up Renee after work, and went to the Coffeehouse to wait for her, with Jac and Katie. Had green coconut bubbletea. Had a conversation with a 20-something guy because he looked like he might know Sean (Welcome to Reykjavik) and it turned out to be his neighbour! Score. Katie drove us to McDonald's for coffee and ice cream and junk, I had an ice cap and animal crackers. We passed these guys in an ugly car, and Katie was like: "dudes, that's an ugly car!" and they were like: "mum let us take hers out for the night". I think she knows them from somewhere, but its Miss Road-Rage Katie so who knows. Played ping-pong and looked at old naked pictures of Renee and Luc and old pictures at all the kids from school.

Weekend? Excellent. Went to the Ukranian Valentine's Dance and enjoyed this superamazing Ukranian dinner. Perogies (mashed potatoes in dough), potes (mashed potatoes), cabbage rolls (rice and cabbage and dough), Ukraine bread (baked dough), turkey stuffing (mixed with baked dough), Ukrainan salad (rice and cabbage), and chocolate mousse (no dough). Carbs, carbs, carbs, it was a feast, and then they danced. Kayla and Chels were pretty much illuminated with the kicks and the jumps and the twirls. Sarah joined. Pretty much hung around and mooched free stuff all night. Turns out I'm not as skilled a hiphop dancer as I once dreamed. Lindsey fell asleep akwardly on this little seat by Renee's bed with her head resting on the bed like a broken doll, and got picked up pretty precisely the next day. Surprised much?

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Raidstar sagde ...

haha lindsey is a strange one! your comment on my blog freaked me out so much! well until i saw the word lindsey and wasn't freaked at all! xx

trega (for some reason reminds me of rangas (redheads))

Raidstar sagde ...

haha well you hit the mark! and really could you be lindseys friend unless you weren't weird? haha yes i like to believe i'm rather awesome but i thought it was just me! haha joking do you have lookbook? coz i'll hype and fan! hehe hypey hypey hype!

detic - slightly like a tictac only demented :?

Amau sagde ...

Nice pics !

Jericho. sagde ...

shutup mairead lol.
haha at the photo of me where i'm the only one left eating! what a fatty i am.

Enna D'lor sagde ...

we literally WERE the last ones eating too. the cleaning lady was like: "can i take that?" and we're like: "are you kidding me?"