onsdag den 18. februar 2009

broken february

great break, great break, great break!

monday. went driving! miserable. i am soo not capable of driving an authorised vehicle around the crazy streets of yorkton. went highway driving, much better but much scarier! saw the welcome to yorkton sign, its brown and orange and not very pretty, like the canadian 60s. didnt kill my driving teacher though, so much improved. katie and lindsay came over, we made triple chocolate chip cookies and i ate half of the milk chocolate chipits like a whale/shark/jaw-theme-song-esque aquatic monster and felt pretty sick pretty fast in the process. katie drove us to her house, where her mom tried pushing food on us for about two hours, and we talked about how the break is in february and not in spring because it keeps kids from killing themselves after christmas. festive. went to go to the coffeehouse to watch jay and the lovebirds, but i thought i lost my cell in the snow so there was this whole big selfcentered half an hour of calling my own number and freaking out, only to find it buzzing under my seat. good job, spaz.
decided to go to theodore instead so we did, and went to sheridan's and did a lot of talking and playing of instruments.. spiffy. drove back around 12, we were all kind of freaking about driving on the highway in a snowstorm so we did about 60 and listened to Regina Spektor and Alanis and good girly sing-along chants.. 7-11 was gross and they wouldnt let renee and i go to the bathroom together, you know, in case we were lesbians, so i emptied the tissues box into my bag and as we were walking out, a police car pulled up and arrested this guy pumping gas. yorkton excitement! went to this place bennett's housesitting, creepy snakes and fish and baby toys everywhere.. listened to the ruby suns till i fell asleep.

tuesday. went to this antique-ey store with katie and aussie lindsey and bought a little old nametag that said Nurse Goodhead, that was really funny. went to the thrift store and got jesus books and a dress and more earrings, and went to the ice cream cabin and we had soup and pancakes and lime milkshake. went to the mall and got a very cool thing for lindsey! yeah, you wait for it australia. went home and had supper, watched the number 23, really stupid even though i love jim carrey, its just not quality. went to tim's and kayla and chelsey took forever so we were planning mutany but then we rented the fifth saw movie (eek!) and carrie.

wednesday. today! went driving, it went oh so well and im oh so happy! started the car, no problem, turned to the right, turned to the left, straight forward, red light stop, green light go, down to 40 in school zone, up to 50 everywhere else, park in the parking lot at the mall, a little drifting shift to neutral.. my driving teacher still thinks my brain is too small for my oversized plenty spaced head, but she told me i could drive, not perfect but i could drive! coming from her it was like a gigantic hug. and as i pulled up in the driveway, head over feet came on the radio and i couldnt help but smile all over and tell her to have a good break till i'll see her friday. my one me-moment screw-up was that on the chart i realized i'd written my birthday down wrong.

shhh, today is lindsey's secret goodbye bash! its sooo sad she's leaving, yeah i bet stupid yarrawonga is thrilled, whatever australia. we told lindsey it was a party, but really we're just going to clone her and tie the real lindsey up in a basement and send clone lindsey home to aussie, and be like, bye bye lindsey! have fun! and then really keeping her here forever. muhahah.

pictures... will probably never come, i have a life, get over it. for your sake, i'll pretend they're coming up soon though. pictures coming soon, be excited!

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