onsdag den 25. februar 2009

and I am a weapon of massive consumption and it's not my fault, it's how I'm programmed to function

It's like all the teachers went together to make me pay for being in the servant auction monday (sold to the Italian exchange student for $150) and doing nothing but following him to all his (extremely boring) classes and waiting on his and his friends' hands and feet and elbows and knees all day. I didn't even get to experience my full first class of Creative Writing! Suckers. Today, my payment, the biggest load of homework since ever, most of it due tomorrow, and a Ashwednesday noon mass (hurray Catholic high school) that turned out to be surprisingly funny due to Vicky the headrest and the little Vietnamese priest with his thick accent ("ant ont te turd daaay, te looord sat.." and "I goog-geled him! I goog-geled Jeshhus!"). And we all got this flattering little black thumbprint in our foreheads, convenient and fashionable.

I decided to give up on fastfood in the fast. Get it? fast food? Yearh the irony didn't escape me either. I am pretty stoked, except, horrible coincidence, I still have half a subway sandwich stacked away in the fridge that I forgot to eat for lunch, and an oreo blizzard in the freezer. I guess this is what they mean when they say you must sacrifice some things for a greater cause.

Tonight I have theatre practice so I will have to get that History and English and Bio out of the way, google the Mickey Mouse Club and learn how to properly speak as a sockpuppet.

Yesterday I hung out with Mischa again for the first time since autumn. We went to the Cup and Saucer and cruised around in Dayton's Camaro, which is pretty cool but if I could choose which vehicle I am going to die in, it'd definately be either Chelsey's oldmobile or Amanda's countryswinging van of love, not this silvery laid-back spoof of a sportscar. I had blueberry tea and talked to Mischa about how being with him always gives me this feeling of speaking German a lot, even though we almost always speak English, and being back in Europe with summer and music festivals. At 8 I had theatre practice again, I sucked and my puppet voice broke like five times which was embarrasing seeing as I'm female. A guy asked me if I was "a lesbian", like as if it was a specially rare type of fungi, and Drew didn't know what Lookbook was when I told him he should be on it with his cool new hand-painted gold boots. He even changed his shirt to match the shoes before coming to practice. I squealed and tried them (the shoes) on but they were 10s, and too masculine for being painted gold and lilac, which was pretty deflating.

I'm a little obsessed with the new Lily Allen album at the mo, but I'm sad she's lost sooo much of her accent, and I have to go Kate Nash youtubing to build my brit-needs up again. Not amused, Lily, not at all amused. I like The Fear and Fuck You and Who'd've Known though.

Lindsey's home in Aussieland now (I think). Flight?!
I really desperately need to start working. Like right now. One more cup of tea and I'll make like an egg and get crackin.
Oh, and today I had to write a rant about colour and it ended up being the life story of Karen Elson. Why is my head strung this way?

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Jericho. sagde ...

still laughing that marco bought you guys. i wish tyler had a few more bucks though he probably would've been more fun.
how did all the teachers look? did de pape dress up?

giving up fast food AND going to the gym? you disgust me.

you hung out with mischa? lol. i never got to meet him.

i can't believe drew didn't know what lookbook was! he would be perfect for it.