fredag den 27. februar 2009

Over The Hills And Far Away

As I'm enthusiastically filling my iPod and
watching the Barbie 50th anniversary runway
show (link below), whilst getting ready for going
out and celebrating the weekend, I suddenly see
this flourish checkered dress and I'm like..

hmm.. where have I seen this before?
Last summer in Paris with Nina perhaps?

Barbie's checkered babydoll-esque coctaildress.. and my checkered diamonds clown-costume dress

Plans? Bah, spontenaeity! Well, I still don't know what I'm doing, let's call this a rough copy. Tonight, probably the coffeehouse, seeing as people I know are singing, and yes, they will miss my cries of enthusiasm and spassy clapping if I'm not there.. Maybe I'll go watch cult anti-drug and -sex movies made for high school education in the 70s later, since I bought a bunch of those yesterday. Tomorrow is a party, random Yorkton stuff, who knows really? And I have a work-out date before showering around noon tomorrow, another assembly of avoid-mirrors hours in my life. Sunday, hmm I know I have theatre stuff, but I should probably go driving before, to practice my deadly vehicle skills.

Also today is a very special day.. My beloved Grandmother Lene's birthday! Happy Birthday!! I'm so excited, apparently she's having a great big party for all the good people at home and I'm probably invited but probably not going to make it... since I'm about 15 hours away and across the Atlantic, but that's just details really.


Barbie's 50th Anniversary -

onsdag den 25. februar 2009

Ever had those days where you're like, uh-uh, better look like I'm working on something, so you google something like "crystal structure of a europate complex with the most intensely triboluminescent emission at ambient temperature" and glance nervously over your shoulder, only to discover that you actually are all alone in the room, and can google anything you want? With that freedom, to google anything without the jay-walking and judgemental eyes of others, often pressure me to pursue the inevitably most selfish act of all; to google myself. Today, my page one results all were, in order after most hits, as follows.

1) - there is an Anne Rold listing in California, and one in New York. The name Anne is the #129 ranked first name in the United States, right below Marilyn, right over Robin.

2) - ironically, my own myspace account doesn't appear, but my friend Lindsey's does, complete with a description as me as her hero (aww, you're cute!) and a beautious picture from under the christmas tree.

3) - Mikaela's blog! With the pretty quote: Anne Rold we are perfect for eachother!! shouuld we marry... even though we have the same blood?

4) - not my own, but my teacher from TEDA, Mrs. Rochford's, profile.
5) - my sister's profile appears.

6) - Lea Nunan, the mother of Australian twin friends Tamsin and Olivia.

7) - finally! a post from august materializes.

8) Meeting list from the Ultimate Sport Service, Denmark district, shows up, with a list of my complete personal information about where I live and what my home, cell and work numbers are. Why is this on the internet?

9) - haha, a post of my Catholic confirmation back in the day! That is so cool, did not know my church had a website. Wicked.

10) - an interview that I wrote for a sportsmagazine about leadertraining in Denmark is now available in ready-to-read hi-tech on the website, with pictures of me and everything. Wow, I did not know the world wide web had this much stuff on me. Kind of creeped out right now. Oh well, at least there are no naked pictures.. Uh-uh image search! 6 pictures showed up, but they are all blog-related.. So I will go to bed now. Continously creeped out. Stupod globalization.

and I am a weapon of massive consumption and it's not my fault, it's how I'm programmed to function

It's like all the teachers went together to make me pay for being in the servant auction monday (sold to the Italian exchange student for $150) and doing nothing but following him to all his (extremely boring) classes and waiting on his and his friends' hands and feet and elbows and knees all day. I didn't even get to experience my full first class of Creative Writing! Suckers. Today, my payment, the biggest load of homework since ever, most of it due tomorrow, and a Ashwednesday noon mass (hurray Catholic high school) that turned out to be surprisingly funny due to Vicky the headrest and the little Vietnamese priest with his thick accent ("ant ont te turd daaay, te looord sat.." and "I goog-geled him! I goog-geled Jeshhus!"). And we all got this flattering little black thumbprint in our foreheads, convenient and fashionable.

I decided to give up on fastfood in the fast. Get it? fast food? Yearh the irony didn't escape me either. I am pretty stoked, except, horrible coincidence, I still have half a subway sandwich stacked away in the fridge that I forgot to eat for lunch, and an oreo blizzard in the freezer. I guess this is what they mean when they say you must sacrifice some things for a greater cause.

Tonight I have theatre practice so I will have to get that History and English and Bio out of the way, google the Mickey Mouse Club and learn how to properly speak as a sockpuppet.

Yesterday I hung out with Mischa again for the first time since autumn. We went to the Cup and Saucer and cruised around in Dayton's Camaro, which is pretty cool but if I could choose which vehicle I am going to die in, it'd definately be either Chelsey's oldmobile or Amanda's countryswinging van of love, not this silvery laid-back spoof of a sportscar. I had blueberry tea and talked to Mischa about how being with him always gives me this feeling of speaking German a lot, even though we almost always speak English, and being back in Europe with summer and music festivals. At 8 I had theatre practice again, I sucked and my puppet voice broke like five times which was embarrasing seeing as I'm female. A guy asked me if I was "a lesbian", like as if it was a specially rare type of fungi, and Drew didn't know what Lookbook was when I told him he should be on it with his cool new hand-painted gold boots. He even changed his shirt to match the shoes before coming to practice. I squealed and tried them (the shoes) on but they were 10s, and too masculine for being painted gold and lilac, which was pretty deflating.

I'm a little obsessed with the new Lily Allen album at the mo, but I'm sad she's lost sooo much of her accent, and I have to go Kate Nash youtubing to build my brit-needs up again. Not amused, Lily, not at all amused. I like The Fear and Fuck You and Who'd've Known though.

Lindsey's home in Aussieland now (I think). Flight?!
I really desperately need to start working. Like right now. One more cup of tea and I'll make like an egg and get crackin.
Oh, and today I had to write a rant about colour and it ended up being the life story of Karen Elson. Why is my head strung this way?

onsdag den 18. februar 2009

broken february

great break, great break, great break!

monday. went driving! miserable. i am soo not capable of driving an authorised vehicle around the crazy streets of yorkton. went highway driving, much better but much scarier! saw the welcome to yorkton sign, its brown and orange and not very pretty, like the canadian 60s. didnt kill my driving teacher though, so much improved. katie and lindsay came over, we made triple chocolate chip cookies and i ate half of the milk chocolate chipits like a whale/shark/jaw-theme-song-esque aquatic monster and felt pretty sick pretty fast in the process. katie drove us to her house, where her mom tried pushing food on us for about two hours, and we talked about how the break is in february and not in spring because it keeps kids from killing themselves after christmas. festive. went to go to the coffeehouse to watch jay and the lovebirds, but i thought i lost my cell in the snow so there was this whole big selfcentered half an hour of calling my own number and freaking out, only to find it buzzing under my seat. good job, spaz.
decided to go to theodore instead so we did, and went to sheridan's and did a lot of talking and playing of instruments.. spiffy. drove back around 12, we were all kind of freaking about driving on the highway in a snowstorm so we did about 60 and listened to Regina Spektor and Alanis and good girly sing-along chants.. 7-11 was gross and they wouldnt let renee and i go to the bathroom together, you know, in case we were lesbians, so i emptied the tissues box into my bag and as we were walking out, a police car pulled up and arrested this guy pumping gas. yorkton excitement! went to this place bennett's housesitting, creepy snakes and fish and baby toys everywhere.. listened to the ruby suns till i fell asleep.

tuesday. went to this antique-ey store with katie and aussie lindsey and bought a little old nametag that said Nurse Goodhead, that was really funny. went to the thrift store and got jesus books and a dress and more earrings, and went to the ice cream cabin and we had soup and pancakes and lime milkshake. went to the mall and got a very cool thing for lindsey! yeah, you wait for it australia. went home and had supper, watched the number 23, really stupid even though i love jim carrey, its just not quality. went to tim's and kayla and chelsey took forever so we were planning mutany but then we rented the fifth saw movie (eek!) and carrie.

wednesday. today! went driving, it went oh so well and im oh so happy! started the car, no problem, turned to the right, turned to the left, straight forward, red light stop, green light go, down to 40 in school zone, up to 50 everywhere else, park in the parking lot at the mall, a little drifting shift to neutral.. my driving teacher still thinks my brain is too small for my oversized plenty spaced head, but she told me i could drive, not perfect but i could drive! coming from her it was like a gigantic hug. and as i pulled up in the driveway, head over feet came on the radio and i couldnt help but smile all over and tell her to have a good break till i'll see her friday. my one me-moment screw-up was that on the chart i realized i'd written my birthday down wrong.

shhh, today is lindsey's secret goodbye bash! its sooo sad she's leaving, yeah i bet stupid yarrawonga is thrilled, whatever australia. we told lindsey it was a party, but really we're just going to clone her and tie the real lindsey up in a basement and send clone lindsey home to aussie, and be like, bye bye lindsey! have fun! and then really keeping her here forever. muhahah.

pictures... will probably never come, i have a life, get over it. for your sake, i'll pretend they're coming up soon though. pictures coming soon, be excited!

mandag den 16. februar 2009

Lou hearts Queensland, apparently

if this isnt canadian, i mean, come on. there's a
wooden house and a pine tree and i had to fight
my way through a four foot snowbank just to hug it.
ask mikaela, okay, i cereally dont know.

søndag den 15. februar 2009

a review or two

Okay, so this is the best thing since sliced bread. Seriously. The stuff great legends are made of. In other words, Asobi Seksu (convenient Japanese name for a NYC indie band) has made the most beautiful album to date, Hush, an album dramatically consisting of lead vocalist Yuki’s sweet, fragile voice floating in and out of the layered guitars of second vocalist James Hanna. This is pure, dreamy pop beats, oozing with class and vitality. Imagine a compilation of Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, Mazzy Star, and classic pop at it’s best, all put into a blender and processed to a smooth, uniform substance, with superior interior. The whole album is built around a glorious wall of sound that wraps itself around you, leaving you feeling ultimately satisfied and smiling from dimple to dimple.

Remember 1999? Remember …Baby, One More Time, remember the blond hair, the wonderfully superficial pop notes, the innocence of the Mickey Mouse Club’s last infinite virgin? I do. And I also remember that heartbreaking sensation you feel when a childhood hero turns into the biggest media chaos trooper since Michael Jackson, constantly showed off as a rapidly disorientated, sad specimen with no-where to go but down, down, deeper and down. As we all grew up and immerged into the millennium, Britney Spears lost strand after strand of dignity until all that was left was, well, her underwear on a stage at the VMA this past September. To name a so-called comeback album Cirkus after infamously and very publicly living life as a sideshow, critics and fans alike are wondering what has become of the pretty Disney girl. I apologize, but the album is rubbish. Even Womanizer, which might have satisfied your basic needs for a good-girl-gone-bad-type party song momentarily, grew old very fast. Buying this album would be like buying that sad, lonely little cage bird at the Asian street market, not because you really want to own it, but because you’re afraid something even worse will happen to it if left for someone else to handle.
Reviews for the paper, february.

It's not easy having a good time

even smiling makes my face ache

Valentines day! Who cares.
Have been very, very sick. Flu?
Finally went out for about an hour yesterday and was absolutely pooped. We bought last-minute Valentines prezzies and candy and ice cream (a little vanilla bucket for a dollar each!) and said hi to Bennett at Co-op. Well actually we just kind of waved at him and walked past him, I think it brought him down a bit. Sorry.
Renee got a flower, but it was hard to say what it symbolized. It was an orchid. But it was brown. I mean wtf do you read from that?
Went home, ate ice cream, watched Vicky Christina Barcelona. Don't really know how I feel about it, it's quite artistic and Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johanson are both exceptionally beautiful, but it was kind of a little desperately sexy.. Maybe I'm just not cut out for Spanish love affairs. Lindsay (not Aussie) came, slapped Renee around a bit, went to bed feeling cold and pale but happy. With newlywashed hair.

Talked to Martin, and Dad, and Bedstemor! I was very, very pleased, haven't heard my grandmother's voice in six months so that was amazing. Renee went to work today, I watched Rocky Horror and snivelled. Went for a walk, listened to Cat Power and those two lines from Expectations [Belle & Sebastian] which are like;
tell Veronica the secrets of the boy you never kissed/she's got everything to gain cause she's a fat girl with a lisp,
I thought it went; tell the running girl the secrets of the boy you never kissed/she's got everything to gain cause she's a fucker with a list.
yeah, so lyrics-googling proved me wrong yet again.

Next week is break, hurray hurray, only downside is I have to go driving three days in a row and I absolutely suck at it. I just hope I don't slip too bad on the ice and break something/someone.

Uh uh happy news! I'm going to Boston on the 17th of March, then New York, then Washington D.C. And I'm coming home to Copenhagen on the 3rd of July! So no Roskilde for me (sob sob) but who wants to go anyway when the second name announced is Slipknot? Yearh, no fanks, maybe next year. Definately going to Smukfest though; the Streets, Beth Hart, Trolle/Siebenhaar, choir of young believers, Ida Corr, Tina Dickow, Aura, Turboweekend..
Epic epic epic summer 09.

I can't wait for spring! Beautiful, refreshing, exciting spring! It's only two weeks away, I could smell it and feel it and it's like snow, it fills the air with excitement and expectations and you never really get disappointed even though it's rarely like you remembered it or thought it'd be.

I'm cold, I want ice cream. Outie!

mandag den 9. februar 2009

clinging to not getting sentimental

You used to get it in your fishnets
Now you only get it in your night dress
Started all the naughty nights with niceness
Landed in a very common crisis
Everything's in order in a black hole
Everything was pretty in the past though
That Bloody Mary's lacking in tabasco
Remember when he used to be a rascal?
good by the monkeys, better by kate

Friday? Very good. Was sick all day, and got pretty sick of my stupid snivelling sounds and the embarrasement of not being able to hit the garbage can with my rolled-up tissues on first tries. Watched Weeds (episode with the little boy and the banana), Gilmore Girls (uh! season one! wear a bra, Rory), Friends (fire safety is not a joke, son) and My So-Called Life (like ODD'ed on it). Later I went to pick up Renee after work, and went to the Coffeehouse to wait for her, with Jac and Katie. Had green coconut bubbletea. Had a conversation with a 20-something guy because he looked like he might know Sean (Welcome to Reykjavik) and it turned out to be his neighbour! Score. Katie drove us to McDonald's for coffee and ice cream and junk, I had an ice cap and animal crackers. We passed these guys in an ugly car, and Katie was like: "dudes, that's an ugly car!" and they were like: "mum let us take hers out for the night". I think she knows them from somewhere, but its Miss Road-Rage Katie so who knows. Played ping-pong and looked at old naked pictures of Renee and Luc and old pictures at all the kids from school.

Weekend? Excellent. Went to the Ukranian Valentine's Dance and enjoyed this superamazing Ukranian dinner. Perogies (mashed potatoes in dough), potes (mashed potatoes), cabbage rolls (rice and cabbage and dough), Ukraine bread (baked dough), turkey stuffing (mixed with baked dough), Ukrainan salad (rice and cabbage), and chocolate mousse (no dough). Carbs, carbs, carbs, it was a feast, and then they danced. Kayla and Chels were pretty much illuminated with the kicks and the jumps and the twirls. Sarah joined. Pretty much hung around and mooched free stuff all night. Turns out I'm not as skilled a hiphop dancer as I once dreamed. Lindsey fell asleep akwardly on this little seat by Renee's bed with her head resting on the bed like a broken doll, and got picked up pretty precisely the next day. Surprised much?

søndag den 8. februar 2009

lørdag den 7. februar 2009

Emilius 17 aar!

Emilie Meldgaard

Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii dag
er det Emilies foedselsdag

Kaereste Emilieskatt'bass,
tillykke med foedselsdagen, kors hvor er du gammel woman!
I love you, I love you, I love you, I looooove you!
Hav en uforglemmelig dag - kort kommer snart,
gave kommer til foraaret :)<3

søndag den 1. februar 2009

pretty in pink

cupcakes, cupcakes, cupcakes!

Renee: "hey, if God was smart... (long pause)... he'd make people so that they could adapt to any situation.. like, say they were drowning, they'd suddenly develop gills! Say they were pushed off a building! They'd get wings! Everyone would jump off buildings and fly far, far away from their problems.."
Anne: "Renee, you... gimme that cupcake."

she looks to me alright

the line is a dot to you
Renee: "Put them on a slippery surface.."
Anne: "..a buttery sled on a icy hill!"

looks to me like heaven sent
no lullaby kid no five procent
any way you want to cut that cake
she's dyin' from the likes of abandonment
lost in the valley without my horses
she needs somebody to hold
it looks to me like heaven
sent this for your roughest night
she looks to me
she looks to me all right
who's going to take you home
and hold you when things aren't so bright
she looks to me
she looks to me all right
it's a long walk down those tracks
it's a dirty walk in
it's a dirty walk back
gonna learn awe way too much
shootin' dope in the back
of a cadillac jack
slow down the road to my back 40
she needs somebody to hold
down in the south seas
give me your mouth please
is the way I find these
i give you major
you give me minor
don't fade away
like an ocean liner, now
lost in the valley
without my horses
no one can tell me
what my remorse is
god made this lady
that stands before me
she need somebody to hold
she shows the world up with a smile
and then she throws the fight
she looks to me she looks to me all right
down on the bathroom floor
she's searching for another light
she looks to me she looks to me all right