lørdag den 31. januar 2009

luc's song

[this is a parody]
Luc's Song by hoping it's a pony

so i have a brother named luc
when he cares too much, he sometimes whistles
Like a fox, he's in a
With an inane expression;
And matching socks

He's so hip he's a bone
he's so smelly he's alone
son of teacher, daughter's preacher
just him and his box
under the bleechers

He's picky and oh so slick
Drink a diet coke, grab a
Solid guy, with brown eyes
Kinda smart, kinda not
Check his nose;
does he have snot?

gooey, schmoooey,
decent luc
vibrant like a fox in a box

La la la ca ca midgets
No no no ne nox
Drifting as he drops
Slipping from his socks

this song has been modified [red words] due to graphic mature context

Luc Digout
hostbrother and box-wearer
(actually not this unattractive in real life)

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