lørdag den 31. januar 2009

I hate this place but I love these chords

...you guessed it. It's been a pretty hectic new exciting different amazing metamorphosis week of my life, this one.Monday. Took my English final exam with shaking hands. Flunked it? Nailed it? Not sure.
Tuesday. Went ecstatic when I heard I had gotten a new hostfamily, the Digouts. Packed my bags, there was a lot, slept for ages.
Wednesday. Moved in with the Digouts! How amazing is life? Very, very amazing.
Thursday. Settled in. Went to the doctor and got more ear-medicine drugs (yeah, sure Anne, for your ears. Very likely). I had a fever. Did sweet nothing with Renee, watched some more My So-Called Life and went sledding. Missed Malene a bit, we would always go sledding and lie in the snow and discuss the world and the lifes within it, and then drink hot chocolate with Marie-bisquits!
Friday. Lindsey came, yuhu! Renee and I were both asleep, so we were kind of sucky for a bit, but then we went shopping. Called my Daddy for a while. Bought Lindsey an emergency whistle, you know what it's for Lindsey, it's almost as good as the First Timer's kit for the soulmate. Made dinner, it was pretty epic, lots of burning and oozing and stuff. Made cupcakes and tons and tons of icing. Gave Tyler some. Went to the coffeehouse and saw Welcome to Reykjavik and the Emerson Letters, sweet and loveable and blueberry tea. Acoustic.
(cupcakes we tried to do. wait for the real thing. blows minds, castrates people, all in all powerful!)
Saturday. Woke up on the floor with Twizzler coloured drool all over my chin. Lindsey spilt coffee all over the stove and in the cinnamon buns. Ha ha. Ate cupcakes, brushed teeth, posted stuff, went to Luc's basketball game. Some guy got sacked, it was pretty hilarious. Went to the antique store and to the Bitchy Old Lady's bookstore, Thrifty Mama's (sounds inviting for little children, doesnt it?), and to the dance equipment store. Saw the friends episode where Ross is wearing the tiny shirt and he's like "I'll just go home and.. relaaax!", and where Phoebe asks why it's Spiderman and not Spiderman. Renee went on a hot hot date with this Zac guy and saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and brought me back an ice cap, which would make me sound pretty sad, except I spend the three hours without her hanging out with Lindsey and Luc and Bennett and these other people who don't think I smell (suck on that, Renee!) or play pingpong badly. Was a very graceful pingpong champion until I fell and smacked my head in the back of the couch, which no-one saw even.

And now Renee's back, I can smell her feet from a mile away and she's pushing me in the loveseat which is fairly uncomfortable so now I must go and poke her till she leaves or at least changes footwear. Ciao!

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