tirsdag den 20. januar 2009

Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again now.

'emulation' a strong desire to achieve something.

I just got off the models.com site, after starring into the beautiful, dreamseekingly wandering eyes of Amanda, my ol' pal Lasse's best friend and fave Lewonderland co-writer.
I can't believe how stunning she is - such an unaware affair. Wow. That girl's going places.
So anyway, after getting over my new big lesbian crush (I heart Amanda buttons and caps are already paid for and on their way), I was going to settle down and do my French homework. Bahaha! Désolé Madame Maître, je ne peux pas être dérangé! Instead, Guy from English #1 took up the wastepaper basket and tried dumping it on Guy from English #2, but #2 ducked and so the library got flooded in recyclable paper and pieces of messy cardboard.

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