mandag den 19. januar 2009

English Language Arts 30B

So for once I'm sitting here, in class, in front of a computer,
not procrastinating. I would be proud of myself, if it wasn't
for the fact that I am not not procrastinating by choice - I
literally have nothing to do. Well, not literally. Literally, I
could get off this comfy chair with the funny spinning wheels
on them, and yes, literally, I could go down the hallway and
locate my locker, and, to end this off with a big shibang, I
could find the math reviews I didn't do in Mexico and get
'er done.
I am a very ambitious, hardworking factory girl, in theory.

Today, English was particularly eventful. Guy with freakishly straight hair dyed his hair black. Boy, Confused, was reading Seventeen and then somehow decided to toss it, and not even in the recycling bin. Lincoln told me he'd missed me, and then ignored me for the rest of the class. Oh, Lincoln.

I decided, that if I'm ever going to dye my hair, like actually dye it dye it, I'll dye it brown, my exact shade and nuance, or maybe with one shade difference. And then I'll always wear it up. That way, people can be like "what's up?" and I'll be like "my dyed hair". Or, if I, when I return to center in june, am all fat, people will be like (anxiously); "you look different" and I'll be like, "yearh, I dyed my hair".

One thing I can't stand, is when people constantly go: "good for you". It's so annoying! It's like, it's not really the same as being appreciative and saying "cool" or "great" or "cowabunga!", it's more like a "I will believe that you believe you are speaking the truth". In Danish we call it speaking giraffe. I think. There should be a picture here.

Oh, Jesus. Gotta love 'im.

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