mandag den 19. januar 2009

Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder

where it's so white as snow
Katie says: pretend you're me and say what I would say!
I dag var saa min foerste dag tilbage i skole - dejligt! Jeg er lidt bagud i, tjaeh, alting.. Men det er okay, og alle var saa soede og totalt ANNEEE!! agtige, saa ja, en dejlig dag. Jeg tjekkede min mail, det er cirka to doegn siden jeg tjekkede den sidst, saa blev lidt skuffet over den lille sum ikke-Facebook eller spam relateret mail der laa og ventede paa mig.. Endnu et nytaarsforsaet; bliv bedre til at skrive mails!
OTAY just got the last of many ultimate messages bashing me about the language issue, this one from Mikaela, I guess it's time to make this a fullblown English blog. Sorry, grandma!
I should go get a good new word for today. Let's see... Aha!
'mirth' great joy
Today, I got the happy, happy news that I am in this year's drama production at school, and I got, in my own humble opinion, the best part - Sigmund Freud! I can't wait to get started playing a German old-school sexologist scientist and, especially, cooking up a good, disgustingly accurate accent.. Who knows? Maybe I can't speak German after all. Ach, du lieber Augustin.
Katie says: write about me! But she is kind of smelly today, so you know, I don't really feel like getting into this. Wait, maybe if she leaves (B/O distance) I can write something really good. Like this; Katie is annoying, Katie is spoiled, Katie is disgusting, Katie (still, even from a distance!) smells funky, Katie has no friends, Katie's ambition in life is to be the guy who puts the stickers on Granny Smith apples, Katie carries around old smelly lunch boxes, Katie never showers, Katie is a moron. Actually, I might just be jealous of her, because Katie just got a new car. Katie sucks. And that's the bell.

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