lørdag den 31. januar 2009

Dear Lindsey,

It's late, and Renée and I miss you already.
Why arent you here?
Your smell is incense burning
Your touch is silken yet
It reaches through my skin
And moving from within
It clutches at my breast
You're my soulmate, Lindsey.
You're OUR soulmate.
Come baaack! Come baaack!*

[*must be said like Cate Winslet when she wants the boat to come back and save her]

luc's song

[this is a parody]
Luc's Song by hoping it's a pony

so i have a brother named luc
when he cares too much, he sometimes whistles
Like a fox, he's in a
With an inane expression;
And matching socks

He's so hip he's a bone
he's so smelly he's alone
son of teacher, daughter's preacher
just him and his box
under the bleechers

He's picky and oh so slick
Drink a diet coke, grab a
Solid guy, with brown eyes
Kinda smart, kinda not
Check his nose;
does he have snot?

gooey, schmoooey,
decent luc
vibrant like a fox in a box

La la la ca ca midgets
No no no ne nox
Drifting as he drops
Slipping from his socks

this song has been modified [red words] due to graphic mature context

Luc Digout
hostbrother and box-wearer
(actually not this unattractive in real life)

red ball

Red Ball by hoping it's a pony
we have all our lives to be in love
all our lives to slip and fall
all our lives to pull you down
all our lives to trip and drown
all our lives to sing and swing
all our lives to catch the match
all our lives to bow with a cow
all our lives to believe
all our lives to retreive
the red ball on the neighbour's lawn

lalalalaaaah, the neighbour's lawn
your turn to go there
lalalalaaaah, another cow
your turn to tip it over
and over and over and over

it's a moose! it's italian! it's sporadic! it's contagious!

all our lives to miss the peace
all our lives to smack that beast
all our lives to teach Zac Morgan how to dance
all our lives to spill coffee beans
and tambourines
all our lives to watch the pretty lady
hit the pretty lady's pretty little girl

lalalalaaaah, the neighbour's lawn
your turn to go there
lalalalaaaah, another cow
your turn to tip it over
and over and over and over
it's a moose! it's italian! it's sporadic! it's contagious!
it's a plan! it's not enough! it's believable! it's over!
lalalalaaaah, all our lives to care

Renée Digout
hostsister and friend

I hate this place but I love these chords

...you guessed it. It's been a pretty hectic new exciting different amazing metamorphosis week of my life, this one.Monday. Took my English final exam with shaking hands. Flunked it? Nailed it? Not sure.
Tuesday. Went ecstatic when I heard I had gotten a new hostfamily, the Digouts. Packed my bags, there was a lot, slept for ages.
Wednesday. Moved in with the Digouts! How amazing is life? Very, very amazing.
Thursday. Settled in. Went to the doctor and got more ear-medicine drugs (yeah, sure Anne, for your ears. Very likely). I had a fever. Did sweet nothing with Renee, watched some more My So-Called Life and went sledding. Missed Malene a bit, we would always go sledding and lie in the snow and discuss the world and the lifes within it, and then drink hot chocolate with Marie-bisquits!
Friday. Lindsey came, yuhu! Renee and I were both asleep, so we were kind of sucky for a bit, but then we went shopping. Called my Daddy for a while. Bought Lindsey an emergency whistle, you know what it's for Lindsey, it's almost as good as the First Timer's kit for the soulmate. Made dinner, it was pretty epic, lots of burning and oozing and stuff. Made cupcakes and tons and tons of icing. Gave Tyler some. Went to the coffeehouse and saw Welcome to Reykjavik and the Emerson Letters, sweet and loveable and blueberry tea. Acoustic.
(cupcakes we tried to do. wait for the real thing. blows minds, castrates people, all in all powerful!)
Saturday. Woke up on the floor with Twizzler coloured drool all over my chin. Lindsey spilt coffee all over the stove and in the cinnamon buns. Ha ha. Ate cupcakes, brushed teeth, posted stuff, went to Luc's basketball game. Some guy got sacked, it was pretty hilarious. Went to the antique store and to the Bitchy Old Lady's bookstore, Thrifty Mama's (sounds inviting for little children, doesnt it?), and to the dance equipment store. Saw the friends episode where Ross is wearing the tiny shirt and he's like "I'll just go home and.. relaaax!", and where Phoebe asks why it's Spiderman and not Spiderman. Renee went on a hot hot date with this Zac guy and saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and brought me back an ice cap, which would make me sound pretty sad, except I spend the three hours without her hanging out with Lindsey and Luc and Bennett and these other people who don't think I smell (suck on that, Renee!) or play pingpong badly. Was a very graceful pingpong champion until I fell and smacked my head in the back of the couch, which no-one saw even.

And now Renee's back, I can smell her feet from a mile away and she's pushing me in the loveseat which is fairly uncomfortable so now I must go and poke her till she leaves or at least changes footwear. Ciao!

Children by January

I'm very sorry I wasn't able to put up all these january kids' birthdays on their actual birthdays, but stuff's been happening, and here they are now! Yay!

Happy birthday to my grandfather Ted, on the 6th, the Irish in my vains, the blue in my eyes, and the reason I love poetry and architecture.

Happy birthday to Klara, on the 3rd, we all miss you so much! She's going to leave her soul in Argentina, even if her heart is returning to us in june.

Happy birthday Carina, on the 30th, my favourite grown-up cousin, who is mellow and happy and reminds me of comfort and growing up in an old-fashioned house in the country with hot chocolate and snow angels and a crazy/beautiful neighbourhood.

mandag den 26. januar 2009

Sneezing Horizontally

OKAY OKAY OKAY by hoping it's a pony
Are you ready?
Don't do this to me.
Are you ready?
You're overwhelming.
Lying on the ground, we thought we could be this way forever
Lying to your mom, you thought you could hide that trace forever
Whispering through a forest full of trees with teeth instead of ears
Sneezing horizontally
Are you ready?
I don't believe you.
Are you ready?
I don't need this.
Lying on the porch, the clouds covering the stars
I told you where to look for Jupiter and Mars
Calling out your name and having that guy call it back to me
Sneezing horizontalleeeeeey
Sneezing horizontalleeeeeey

AK: Vi sku skrive en bog!
Anne: Ja, om vores TO interne jokes..
AK: Tre! Der var tre!

Anne: Jeg ved godt, han er homoseksuel, men jeg elsker ham! Jeg elsker ham!
Meldgaard: Det her, Anne, er fuldstaendigt ligesom at ligge hjemme paa din seng og drikke te og spise is!

So, this weekend, we made Australia Day posters, watched My So-Called Life, Pretty in Pink and All-Stars Hockey. Yummy yummy Eric. Ate about a kilo of Twizzlers. Studied (BAHAHA as if). Sweated a bit about final exams, that'll do for this week's work-out. Washed my hear. Cleaned my teeth. Emilie and AK called, it was the best! I love you!
Had a dream about Lasse, my gourgeous darling, couldnt get it out of my head, I realise I miss him more than I thought I would. He was just always.. there. And now he's not. But he will be. I love him in my heart of hearts, always will.
Found this tee and decided that, if I don't buy this, my life will cease to function.

tirsdag den 20. januar 2009

Here it goes, here it goes, here it goes again now.

'emulation' a strong desire to achieve something.

I just got off the models.com site, after starring into the beautiful, dreamseekingly wandering eyes of Amanda, my ol' pal Lasse's best friend and fave Lewonderland co-writer.
I can't believe how stunning she is - such an unaware affair. Wow. That girl's going places.
So anyway, after getting over my new big lesbian crush (I heart Amanda buttons and caps are already paid for and on their way), I was going to settle down and do my French homework. Bahaha! Désolé Madame Maître, je ne peux pas être dérangé! Instead, Guy from English #1 took up the wastepaper basket and tried dumping it on Guy from English #2, but #2 ducked and so the library got flooded in recyclable paper and pieces of messy cardboard.

mandag den 19. januar 2009

English Language Arts 30B

So for once I'm sitting here, in class, in front of a computer,
not procrastinating. I would be proud of myself, if it wasn't
for the fact that I am not not procrastinating by choice - I
literally have nothing to do. Well, not literally. Literally, I
could get off this comfy chair with the funny spinning wheels
on them, and yes, literally, I could go down the hallway and
locate my locker, and, to end this off with a big shibang, I
could find the math reviews I didn't do in Mexico and get
'er done.
I am a very ambitious, hardworking factory girl, in theory.

Today, English was particularly eventful. Guy with freakishly straight hair dyed his hair black. Boy, Confused, was reading Seventeen and then somehow decided to toss it, and not even in the recycling bin. Lincoln told me he'd missed me, and then ignored me for the rest of the class. Oh, Lincoln.

I decided, that if I'm ever going to dye my hair, like actually dye it dye it, I'll dye it brown, my exact shade and nuance, or maybe with one shade difference. And then I'll always wear it up. That way, people can be like "what's up?" and I'll be like "my dyed hair". Or, if I, when I return to center in june, am all fat, people will be like (anxiously); "you look different" and I'll be like, "yearh, I dyed my hair".

One thing I can't stand, is when people constantly go: "good for you". It's so annoying! It's like, it's not really the same as being appreciative and saying "cool" or "great" or "cowabunga!", it's more like a "I will believe that you believe you are speaking the truth". In Danish we call it speaking giraffe. I think. There should be a picture here.

Oh, Jesus. Gotta love 'im.

Deep beneath the cover of another perfect wonder

where it's so white as snow
Katie says: pretend you're me and say what I would say!
I dag var saa min foerste dag tilbage i skole - dejligt! Jeg er lidt bagud i, tjaeh, alting.. Men det er okay, og alle var saa soede og totalt ANNEEE!! agtige, saa ja, en dejlig dag. Jeg tjekkede min mail, det er cirka to doegn siden jeg tjekkede den sidst, saa blev lidt skuffet over den lille sum ikke-Facebook eller spam relateret mail der laa og ventede paa mig.. Endnu et nytaarsforsaet; bliv bedre til at skrive mails!
OTAY just got the last of many ultimate messages bashing me about the language issue, this one from Mikaela, I guess it's time to make this a fullblown English blog. Sorry, grandma!
I should go get a good new word for today. Let's see... Aha!
'mirth' great joy
Today, I got the happy, happy news that I am in this year's drama production at school, and I got, in my own humble opinion, the best part - Sigmund Freud! I can't wait to get started playing a German old-school sexologist scientist and, especially, cooking up a good, disgustingly accurate accent.. Who knows? Maybe I can't speak German after all. Ach, du lieber Augustin.
Katie says: write about me! But she is kind of smelly today, so you know, I don't really feel like getting into this. Wait, maybe if she leaves (B/O distance) I can write something really good. Like this; Katie is annoying, Katie is spoiled, Katie is disgusting, Katie (still, even from a distance!) smells funky, Katie has no friends, Katie's ambition in life is to be the guy who puts the stickers on Granny Smith apples, Katie carries around old smelly lunch boxes, Katie never showers, Katie is a moron. Actually, I might just be jealous of her, because Katie just got a new car. Katie sucks. And that's the bell.

lørdag den 17. januar 2009

Dum-tada dum is the sound of my heart

'permutation' the process or result of making or becoming different.

Velkommen til 2009! Det er crazy, at tiden går så stærkt, og jeg er hjemme i Danmark igen om fem måneders tid. Crazy! Mexico var skønt, højdepunkterne var;

Hiking: En ufatteligt kedeligt sportart, som går ud på at gå i timevis i ujævnt terræn, oftest med ældre og mere erfarne entusiaster som eneste selskab. Opturen ved hiking var, da Bara og jeg blev adskilt fra flokken, og vildforne som vi var, måtte finde vores egen vej hjem igennem den mexicanske regnskov.
En bred strand og en masse tid: at lade sig forbrune mens havets brusen, en nyligt oploaded iPod og A Lover Needs A Guitar lader opmærksomheden sejle videre til et ukendt sted.
Kærlighed til folket: Mexicansk musik, fuldent med marracas og banjoer, er virkelig det mest fantastiske junk at danse til.
Corona: er et andet for "halo". How lovely.
Hot!Hot!Hot!: bikini-klædte temperaturere fra morgen til sen aften. At Saskatchewan rundede de minus fyrre grader imens gjorde ikke glæden mindre.

MEN i Obamas ånd, og med det nye år taget i betragtning, er det tid til en ændring. Mine nytårsforsæt er;
  1. Leve mere, tænke mindre.
  2. Drikke mere vand.
  3. Sende flere håndskrevne breve.
  4. Write more in English for the weak-eyed Aussies.
  5. Visit family more in Denmark.
  6. Eat more peanutbutter.
  7. Run for president of Nauru.

2009 is a change! Looking forward to inauguration, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday, and meeting the Pope as a teenager. Pictures from Mexico will come up as soon as I stop procrastinating. So, never. Deal.


tirsdag den 6. januar 2009


Tillykke med foedselsdagen skattbass :)<3
Lasse Nord

mandag den 5. januar 2009