torsdag den 11. december 2008

Hamlet's Tragic Flaw is Procrastination

Important things to do on a tuesday

Cut a tiny little christmas tree (ours is pretty big though),
bedazzle it with all-important ornaments of personal value (awsome
DVDs, hairpieces, candy wrappers, polaroid-pictures, the
works), place it in a special place (close to all that is holy to us).

Drink lots of fluids.

Be creative and invent your own christmas carols.
Do one that rhymes with wenus.

Upload and update your iPod, get distracted by Facebook,
get inspired and blog all your pictures, even the really old ones.
Pretend that you're actually working on an important
project and conveniently have the time to upload a little
pictures in the meanwhile, but actually spend 22 minutes
just making up a stupid word pun for your blog entry title.

Stop procrastinating and do your actually important
work, like the English essay that was due last tuesday.

Anything off Rage Against the Machine; Evil Empire
Read this: George Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four

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