torsdag den 11. december 2008

Indtroducing Lindsey

A great roomie appeals to all senses

A great roomie doesn't mind your clutter, or complains
about your lack of organizational skills. A great roomie
speaks her mind and understands your enthusiams,
even the meaninglessly stupid ones.

A great roomie knows, that solidarity is everyhting.
she celebrates weekly holidays with you, like Pyjama Night,
the festive slumberparty-ish day previously known
as Laundry Day. She doesn't mind the touch of getting
her hands all dirty when cleaning the bathroom either.

A great roomie doesn't just accept your music
and let you occasionaly play it from the Doc system;
she will dance with you to stupid Danish music,
listen and sing along to Kimya Dawson and Antsy Pants,
and even whip out a dazzling collection of her own
Aussie-evergreens on her spankingtastic iPod.
We both enjoyed the "Legendary Sounds of the
Didjerido", thank you Lindsey's mum!

A great roomie isn't afraid to taste all the
glorious of Canadian pastries, Danish christmas-
candies (Tak, Moster Lise!) and set her teeth
in regular lovely junk like Reese's Pieces and Twizzlers.
(A great roomies isn't afraid to share it, either)

A great roomie is a friend, who sees you for who
you are, even if that who is a gal quite like myself.
And she doesn't mind your food-stained, wash-craving,
grown-man-sized slacker-grey coloured Levi's sweats'
distinctive smells after nearly two weeks of persistent
laundry-strike. Oh well...
Kenzo Amour covers everything, right?

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