fredag den 12. december 2008

I caught the cold and there wasn't even a pot of gold

How to not die of boredom on a stay-at-home friday

Stay under the covers as long as humanly possible
and get the ultimate amount of bed peace.

Realize that you are too warm, take off all
your pj stuff and covers, start freezing again,
put all your stuff back on, repeat as necessary.

Stop annoying everyone with your stupid constant cough,
brave yourself to enter the kitchen and try not to touch too much.

Go back and forth between bed, kitchen and bathroom.
Take a shower so you're not too smelly.
Accept that showering actually doesn't change the smell
at all. But the clean clothes helps a little.

Now that you are technically clean, you don't wanna stay
in bed anymore. Go and watch TV. Canadian daytime TV
is amazingly awsome, whereas all the Danish channelse usually
show is Days of Our Lives.

Eat something.

Take a break from TV. Rest your eyes on cartoons.
"This is what birds think angels look like"

Reminisce about those happy active days where you
weren't sick and pathetic. Feel bad for yourself.
Go and record your feelings in your emotional diary.
Tear out the page because of whineyness overload.

Your family comes home! Hurray! They
have a package for you, from your unbelivably
awsome sister, who understands your
cow-obsession and enables you with this
supercool, all-vegan American Apparel
tee and a cardboard calf
- Tak, Rikke! Du er for sej <3

Get called up by your favourite Frisco
Martin and talk for about an hour about
American Affairs and other amazingness.

Agree with Martin that we miss Malene on this side of the
Atlantic, that Christmas simply isnt the same without her
constant countdown... And suddenly I realise that it's the
12/12, six months til Malene turning seventeen!
Congrats, santa-baby<3
Hang up and watch tv, facebook-chat with Anders
Matthesen and take some heavy medicine that knocks
you off to pretty rainbow sleep.

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