onsdag den 31. december 2008

Annes Puerto Vallarta

Kære alle, så tager jeg til Mexico på fredag, d. 2. januar.
Er hjemme ca. d. 16, håber i får et fantastisk Nytår!
Kom godt og sikkert ind i 2009 <3!

Jeres AnnePande <3

fredag den 26. december 2008


Okay, der er endnu tre dage til, men her er den:

Tillykke, Magnus min elskede superskat!!



Tillykke, min Cindyskatt'basse!!
Endelig blev hun 16!


Tillykke, min kære Karoline-skat!

onsdag den 24. december 2008

So, this is Christmas!


Glædeligt jul! Bemærk kjolen, Mor! :)

Canadisk julebag

Julegaverne fra Troy og Tyler, de lavede dem selv!

Jeg lavede morgendrinks til dem, der endnu
ikke drikker kaffe.

Tusinde tak for alle pakkerne, brevene og beskederne
jeg har fået i de sidste fire måneder! Tak til Bedstemor
for den smukke halskæde, tak til familien Pagaard for
billedet og den dejlige danskerforsendelse, tak til Mogger
Lise og Löfferne for juleredningen, tak til Rikke, tak til
Farfar og Ruth og tak til Farmor og Neil!
Glædelig jul allesammen <3

Glædelig Jul, Magnus! Endnu et naturligt søndagsbillede,
fra mig til dig dagen før juleaftensdag (:

Tak Farfar! Hvor er det altså fint!!

I julehumør med Hannah som påhæng (:

Glædelig og Godt Nytår!

Familien tager ud til deres lille hytte ved søen fra den 25. eller 26, hvor der ingen internet er. Fra den 2. januar til den 16. er jeg i Mexico, og kan nok godt nåes på mailen, men ikke alt for ofte - ha' en rigtig skøn jul og et fantastisk Nytår, vi ses i 2009!

fredag den 12. december 2008

I caught the cold and there wasn't even a pot of gold

How to not die of boredom on a stay-at-home friday

Stay under the covers as long as humanly possible
and get the ultimate amount of bed peace.

Realize that you are too warm, take off all
your pj stuff and covers, start freezing again,
put all your stuff back on, repeat as necessary.

Stop annoying everyone with your stupid constant cough,
brave yourself to enter the kitchen and try not to touch too much.

Go back and forth between bed, kitchen and bathroom.
Take a shower so you're not too smelly.
Accept that showering actually doesn't change the smell
at all. But the clean clothes helps a little.

Now that you are technically clean, you don't wanna stay
in bed anymore. Go and watch TV. Canadian daytime TV
is amazingly awsome, whereas all the Danish channelse usually
show is Days of Our Lives.

Eat something.

Take a break from TV. Rest your eyes on cartoons.
"This is what birds think angels look like"

Reminisce about those happy active days where you
weren't sick and pathetic. Feel bad for yourself.
Go and record your feelings in your emotional diary.
Tear out the page because of whineyness overload.

Your family comes home! Hurray! They
have a package for you, from your unbelivably
awsome sister, who understands your
cow-obsession and enables you with this
supercool, all-vegan American Apparel
tee and a cardboard calf
- Tak, Rikke! Du er for sej <3

Get called up by your favourite Frisco
Martin and talk for about an hour about
American Affairs and other amazingness.

Agree with Martin that we miss Malene on this side of the
Atlantic, that Christmas simply isnt the same without her
constant countdown... And suddenly I realise that it's the
12/12, six months til Malene turning seventeen!
Congrats, santa-baby<3
Hang up and watch tv, facebook-chat with Anders
Matthesen and take some heavy medicine that knocks
you off to pretty rainbow sleep.

torsdag den 11. december 2008

Indtroducing Lindsey

A great roomie appeals to all senses

A great roomie doesn't mind your clutter, or complains
about your lack of organizational skills. A great roomie
speaks her mind and understands your enthusiams,
even the meaninglessly stupid ones.

A great roomie knows, that solidarity is everyhting.
she celebrates weekly holidays with you, like Pyjama Night,
the festive slumberparty-ish day previously known
as Laundry Day. She doesn't mind the touch of getting
her hands all dirty when cleaning the bathroom either.

A great roomie doesn't just accept your music
and let you occasionaly play it from the Doc system;
she will dance with you to stupid Danish music,
listen and sing along to Kimya Dawson and Antsy Pants,
and even whip out a dazzling collection of her own
Aussie-evergreens on her spankingtastic iPod.
We both enjoyed the "Legendary Sounds of the
Didjerido", thank you Lindsey's mum!

A great roomie isn't afraid to taste all the
glorious of Canadian pastries, Danish christmas-
candies (Tak, Moster Lise!) and set her teeth
in regular lovely junk like Reese's Pieces and Twizzlers.
(A great roomies isn't afraid to share it, either)

A great roomie is a friend, who sees you for who
you are, even if that who is a gal quite like myself.
And she doesn't mind your food-stained, wash-craving,
grown-man-sized slacker-grey coloured Levi's sweats'
distinctive smells after nearly two weeks of persistent
laundry-strike. Oh well...
Kenzo Amour covers everything, right?

Hamlet's Tragic Flaw is Procrastination

Important things to do on a tuesday

Cut a tiny little christmas tree (ours is pretty big though),
bedazzle it with all-important ornaments of personal value (awsome
DVDs, hairpieces, candy wrappers, polaroid-pictures, the
works), place it in a special place (close to all that is holy to us).

Drink lots of fluids.

Be creative and invent your own christmas carols.
Do one that rhymes with wenus.

Upload and update your iPod, get distracted by Facebook,
get inspired and blog all your pictures, even the really old ones.
Pretend that you're actually working on an important
project and conveniently have the time to upload a little
pictures in the meanwhile, but actually spend 22 minutes
just making up a stupid word pun for your blog entry title.

Stop procrastinating and do your actually important
work, like the English essay that was due last tuesday.

Anything off Rage Against the Machine; Evil Empire
Read this: George Orwell: Nineteen Eighty-Four

2. søndag i advent

December.Lindsey & jeg - SASK 2008/09!Lindseys og mit vinglasformede skøjtehulSneen skulle væk før der kunne skøjtes
Smukt decemberlys
SÅ er det december, og Canada bliver bare smukkere og smukkere! Et par stemningsbilleder fra den 2. søndag i advent...

tirsdag den 9. december 2008

Remember December?

Anden søndag i advent.
Vi sov længe, skøjtede på familiens lille vandhul, og drak hhv lækker kaffe og varm kakao
Snehvid december!

mandag den 8. december 2008

Skuespiller spiller skuespil

Så er det december, og musicalen er
slut. Her er et par stemningsbilleder
fra den sidste aften.