mandag den 20. oktober 2008

Rodeo Drive

Saturday we went to the rodeo. It was quite awsome. I've never seen this in real life before, so it came as a dainty surprise to me how rough the show actually was - riders were thrown into the air, wild bulls rambled into the white fencing, special competitions for bullriders of the age 16 and down were held.. spectacular, spectacular!
Despite the somehow actionpacked performance, other smaller things also caught my eye - like the frequency of very mature (& also very young) cowboys, both in and out of the ring, carrying blue American jeans, boots, hats, plaid shirts and little scarfs. Some wearing extravagant slacks as well (while all I can think of is of course possothespat), and wearing all with greatest manly pride. It made me want to laugh really loudly, but out of sheer joy and no mockery intended.
We ate crappy cheeseburgers and had a wonderful time. As a little treat, I saw this beautiful little blonde girl wearing dark skinny jeans, long black boots and a white long knitted sweater - and french braids. So cute and very scandinavian!

Sunday was a chill-day with casual wear, blue junk juice and a very weathered road. Mischa was picture-shy, of reasons I will not mock his reputation by displaying here...

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