lørdag den 6. september 2008

Finding My Rythm

After living out of a suitcase for two weeks, it was nice to get to the house and move into my new room. For me, home is where my stuff is, my traditions and my personality, in all shades and colours. I'm slowly but surely finding my path, my rythm.

Make-up table with mirror; gifts from friends, my Buddha,
my glass elefant, timelessly retro Nivea creme, SJP perfume
My dress, my rules

I can't call the room mine without one of
these little wall-decorations.
Spreads from august Vogue and Nylon

My running shoes, step by step finding my pace
watching all the classic episodes of Beverly Hills 90210
before the big premiere of the new series..

Gilmore Girls, season 1, bought in Regina

What I wore on my first day of school.
It was raining, so my dark dream was changed to this light
treat; my white dress with black nylons and booties from
Paris, beautiful blue silk scarf from Iran and tons of silver
chunky jewelry on wrists and neck (not showed here)

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