mandag den 1. september 2008

50s Dance

That black dress i killin' ! And Nora
is very 50s beautiful too.. This girl SOO looks
like that girl from 10 things I hate about you!

Beautiful girls.. they even match!
Tuang being crazy as usual :)

Finnish Guy and I .. I love him!
Daniel, Jason und Jonas Einz again.. I love these guys!

Anne and I :) This japanese girl is SOO
cute - MJ's Asian friend!

André and Swedish Guy
Daniel, Jason und Jonas Einz
(MJ and I came up with the name Jonas Brothers. Snaps to us)

Me in Kate Nash dress, white pannies
from H&M and jazz ballet shoes borrowed
from Italian roomie
André, MJ, me, Freya and Nadine
André and MJ, beautiful couple (of idiots <3)


No-one ever partied as hard as a Swedish guy who
realised the music booming out was Boten Anna
- the hardcore swede dance ended as the table broke

Danish Mr. Frost.. without a drop
of alcohol in his veins. Now that's partying.

Dance off! Everybody got into the groove on a night to remember..

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