søndag den 31. august 2008

Starting Off; the EF Camp in Toronto, Ontario

Starting off on the camp was the best thing I ever did. I'd recommend it to anyone, anytime. We had A BLAST! I met the coolest, nicest, friendliest people, and it's always nice to have a network of kids your age, going through the same stuff as you..

ON THE FIRST DAY OF CAMP we went to a Wal-Mart, the all-american superstore; it was nothing special. Everybody got to know me as a clumsy oaf that
1) got stuck in a bush with these stupid little plant-thingies stuck to my leg

2) dropped all my little plasticbag's worth (Oreo's, apples and Skittles)on the floor of Wal-Mart whilst leaving :)

snaps for mee!

LOVELY PEOPLE i got engaged with on the very first day;

Andre, the german gangster, with his ONE PLUM
hanging from a chain around his neck and wearing
his nametag. I love this guy!
On the left; the only Danish guy, Mr. Frost, from
Copenhagen; what a prettyboii :b
Swedish guy, notorious pink shirt and cap and all!
Two superawsome girls; Danish Freya (who quickly
became everyones Mama <3) and Italian Nadian,
famous for the OHH! and making fun of André;
quote: What are you making??
Red and flaming Mary Jo, quickly known to
everyone as MJ ( remember Spider-Man?) and
Swedish Guy, tying his laces on Leacock Lane.
Sitting on the grass in front of townhouse 118,
house of Nadine, Franchie, Mikiko and me!

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