søndag den 31. august 2008

People of Leacock Lane

Lukas (Grey Shirt) and Daniel (Blue Shirt)

My homeboy Garyyy

Bogdana and braz Tabitha

Me on Leacock Lane

Jonas Brother likes my stile..
Listening to Natasja on the bus

Lukas, Beke, lunch..

Mikiko and Manami

Are these guys from Brasil? Because I'm
not really sure..
(Abrahao, Alexio and Roberto poking his own eye)

Wonderful Jonas Bruder Einz on the bus.. Miss you
already! and Finnish Guy playing hard-core with cap
and all in the back (:

Regina, my love (:

Lorenza and Lais, figuring something out in a
very unfocused class of Sex-ed by Wendy

Hong-Kong Helen and the thai perve Tuang
miss you both!

Daniel Trippe aus Deutschland. This
guy clearly proves that some clowns
are.. not that scary!

Italian Guy Walter; naked?

Beautiful Lorenza sporting... whatever
she could find in Franchies room (:

The most scary Japanese guy in the
entire world!! I couldnt sleep with this
image haunting my mind! Mitsuki, or
more commonly known as Mitsubishi (:

Beautiful, funny, crazy Regina, sweet Julia and
supercool Marie; these girls are what Germany's
made of!

Roberrrrto, my favourite braz guy (:

Mr. Frost and the infamous Jelly-affair
(we pretty much made a giant mess of it :p)

Homeroom girls; from left to right:
Talitha, Kristina, Lais, Lorenza, Regina and me (:
squatting on the floor is fave jap girl Yuki!

Finnish Guy and André. I love Finnish guy!!
quote: I love Canadia!

My boy Garyyy and Mitsubishi

.. the lovely people of Leacock Lane.

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